Weekly Buffed Characters

Below are screenshots of a tab in Daywalker’s Roster spreadsheet where he tracks the weekly buffs.

Here is a guide to reading the charts…

  • The different colors represent various buff weeks.  Generally speaking, if a character is boosted in one color week, when that color comes around again, they are more likely be boosted in that week.  There are more 4* characters than 3* characters so they cycle through more colors.
  • The characters in italics are predictions for those weeks, based on the rotation.
  • The “OS” at the end column of the boosted 4* and boosted 3* charts means “Off-Season”.  That means those characters that week will likely only be boosted for one PVP event (as the off-season PVP events usually have their own buff list).  Usually weekly buffed characters will be boosted in PVEs — the main exception being boss events, which have their own buff list.