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Hi Everyone,"A world-renowned cat burglar, Felicia Hardy is always plotting her next heist. With claws every bit as sharp as her wit, this is one cat whose path you should never cross!"Check [...]

Hi Everyone,I just wanted to let you all know that we will be out of office tomorrow, 6/11, for E3, and I personally will also be out on Wednesday, 6/12. Who knows. Maybe we'll bump into some of [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the Release Notes for the R180 build.R180!"Flippin' Lucky"What's Changed:Due to the 64bit Android requirements, the following devices are no longer supported f [...]

Hi Everyone,On June 12th at 9am ET, there will be a scheduled maintenance period so that updates can be applied to key software that Marvel Puzzle Quest uses on the server. Players should not experien [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the details for the Galactus Hungers event:   [...]

Hi Everyone,"Storm once used a massive cyclone to launch hundreds of her enemies into space.Today, you can find her at the Jean Grey School for Higher Learning, where she remains a teacher and me [...]

Hi Everyone,This June, not only are we bringing out the Dad jokes, but a whole plethora of new Costumes for your characters to don for the summer too! In addition, we're also introducing a few ne [...]

Hi Everyone,Here is where you can view the June 2019 Sneak Peek threadEnjoy! [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the Release Notes for the R179 update!R179!"Silver Streak"What's Changed:Sign Up for the newsletter added to the Options menuFixed a bug where the game would someti [...]

We have received reports that some players may have trouble with their Google Play compatible device that displays an unsupported device message for Marvel Puzzle Quest.The cache and cookies for Play [...]