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Hi Everyone,Here are the event details for the upcoming X-Men Vs. Apocalypse event!   [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the Release Notes for the R165 update.MPQ 165! "Roman's Line"What's Changed:[PC Only] Text will appear in the appropriate language in the main screen of the ga [...]

Hi Everyone,We all have our hobbies. Some people like to dance or sing. Others may enjoy things like photography or painting. When it comes to Andrew Suggs's hobby though, what he enjoys most...i [...]

Hi Everyone,Here is where you can view the November 2018 Sneak Peek thread.Enjoy! [...]

Hi Everyone,"Everything usually works out for Domino. This mutant mercenary subconsciously alters probabilities in the world around her, so luck is literally always in her favors.Luck aside, Domi [...]

Hi Everyone,Halloween is fast approaching, so Marvel Puzzle Quest is getting spooky to celebrate! Check out all the details below:Spooky Comic CoversFive different characters are donning their costu.. [...]

PERK LISTPerk 1Rank 5 Level 250When the supported character makes a match, there's a 35% chance of improving a friendly Strike tile by 640.Perk 3Rank 5 Level 250The supported character's bas [...]

Hi Everyone,During the Anniversary, we announced that we were bringing back forum contests! We kicked it off with the following Doctor Strange contest question:In total, how many Doctor Strange (Steph [...]

Hi Everyone,Some players experienced a bug that reset their Anniversary Vaults early this morning. Those that were affected were players who logged on between October 4th and the 8th, and didn't [...]

Update: We apologize for the inconvenience, however it would appear that the initial fix for the login issue on Android was unsuccessful. The team will continue to work hard to find out what the under [...]