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Hi Everyone,Here are the full details for Doctor Octopus (Classic)'s character update set to be implemented tomorrow, 12/13, after the daily patch update.Character Stats(Stats listed at level 450 [...]

Hi Everyone,At 12pm EST on December 13th, we will be debuting a new Story event called Sinister 600. Sinister 600 is an Alliance event that takes you into and across the Spider-Verse. Take on harder l [...]

Hi Everyone,Happy Holidays! We're approaching the end of yet another year, and we've got plenty of goodies and treats to share with everyone. This week kicks off with Spidey and all his frie [...]

Hi Everyone,"Wilson Fisk is New York City's king of crime, known for his incredible strength and brilliant tactical mind. With an army of Maggia at his command, Kingpin is no idle threat. Hi [...]

Hi Everyone,The team has recently become aware of an issue where Alliance members were not receiving the 1 Command Point from an Alliance-mate purchasing the one time sale of Logan's Loonies. The [...]

PERK LISTPerk 1Rank 5 Level 250When the supported character fires a power, there's a 65% chance of creating a strength 551 Strike tile.Perk 3Rank 5 Level 250While they are Invisible, the supporte [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the release notes for the R167 update!MPQ 167!"Anything For Love"What's Changed:Hero Point Sale starts today, 12/3, and ends on 12/10!In wave missions, when an enem [...]

Hi Everyone,Here is where you can view the December 2018 Sneak Peek thread.Enjoy! [...]

Hi Everyone,Last week we asked the following question for our November Forum Contest:In total, how many Match Damage Boosts have been purchased ever?We had written down the number at the time we annou [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the event details for the upcoming Avengers Vs. Ultron Alliance event!  ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [...]