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Hi Everyone,Who wants to win some extra awesome rewards this month? Since we didn't have a contest in March, we'll be combining the March contest together with April's contest! Get read [...]

Hi All,Here are the event details for the upcoming Avengers vs Ultron Alliance event: [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the Release Notes for the R176 update!R176! "狼人"What's Changed:In rare cases, leveling characters would cause their match damage to be reduced by 1. This no longer [...]

It's time.Earth's Mightiest Heroes are now nearing the Endgame. We're taking a look back to where everything all began, and how we're finally arriving at this climactic encounter o [...]

Hi Everyone,"At long last, Thanos has fulfilled his destiny. He secured the six Infinity Stones, assembled the Infinity Gauntlet, and balanced the universe.Has he finally earned a much-needed res [...]

Hi Everyone,We recently discovered an issue where players who had Thanos (Modern) or Captain America (Infinity War) selected as their favorite heroes were receiving incorrect covers for those heroes. [...]

Hi Everyone,To commemorate the Marvel Comics' massive upcoming event, War of the Realms, there will be a limited time Legendary Store called War of the Realms that features Ghost Rider (Robbie Re [...]

Hi Everyone,Back in January we introduced the Support Circuit event as a way to provide additional opportunities for players to earn more Supports, as well as bringing in a new event for everyone to e [...]

Hi Everyone,Scarlet Witch is going back to her roots and putting on her classic Uncanny Avenger costume! Check out all the details below.Uncanny Avenger Costume BundleStart: 4/4/19 12pm EDTEnd: 4/10/1 [...]

PERK LISTPerk 1The supported character deals an extra 41 damage to Heroes.Level 50: ...an extra 186 damage...Level 100: ...an extra 334 damage...Level 150: ...an extra 483 damage...Level 200: ...an ex [...]