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Hi Everyone,Thanks to your reports, we have confirmed that there is a display issue that affects Heroic Packs.The actual odds for Heroic Packs are unchanged, however they are currently showing the 1x [...]

Hi Everyone,Week 2 of our celebration of Marvel's Cinematic Universe is here! Check out all the details below.Week 2Login GiftsBox Office Hits - Vault Token Log in between the following times to [...]

Perk ListPerk 1 Rank 5 Level 250When a friendly power is fired, there's a 19% chance to remove an enemy Special tile. Perk 3 Rank 5 Level 250The supported character deals an extra 779 damage to H [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the release notes for the R159 update!MPQ 159!"Snappy Dresser"What's Changed:Players will be able to tell if they are currently receiving Bonus Rewards in the Resou [...]

Hi Everyone,It's 2018. This is the year that Marvel reached its 10 year anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This past decade has brought to the big screen some of the most spectacular a [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the event details for the upcoming Come and Get Me event!Thanos (Infinity Saga)Doesn’t make matchesInfinity GauntletBlack PassiveIf there isn't already one on the board, crea [...]

Hi Everyone,"Born a prince of Jotunheim and adopted by Odin, Loki can lay claim to both Frost Giant and Asgardian royalty. While this puts great power at his disposal, Loki's true strength c [...]

Perk ListPerk 1 Rank 5 Level 250When the supported character fires a power, there's a 34.00% chance to steal 3 random AP. Perk 3 Rank 5 Level 250The supported character's Purple match damage [...]

Hi Everyone,Here is where you can view the August 2018 Sneak Peek thread.Enjoy! [...]

Hi Everyone,Here are the Release Notes for the R158 update! (Please note that we are noticing some delays with the Amazon build. Once we have more details, we will be sure to inform everyone of any ch [...]