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“Blade of Regret”Command respect and take out your enemies with an ALL-NEW character coming soon!- Team up and keep your squad alive with Anti-Venom – find him featured in various MPQ events!- Power t [...]

We've seen a bit of chatter regarding the recent changes for players on some devices (namely tablet devices). We have been working on making the player experience better, which can hopefully be s [...]

Hi Everyone – We are super excited to be a part of SDCC@Home this week as our very own Paige Pettoruto from Demiurge and Michael Francisco from Marvel Games will be a part of a special panel and playt [...]

Hi Everyone –Here are the R207 Release Notes.“pro-cure”Shift the summer into high gear with an ALL-NEW character coming soon to MARVEL Puzzle Quest.• Partner up and throw punches with Misty Knight, th [...]

New Character (???)4-Star Rarity (Legendary)Affiliations: Heroes, , Team Iron Man  "!Iron Fist"  (Abilities listed at level 70, followed by 270)   3779 Health / 13035 Health 37 |  10 |  8 |  [...]

Hi Everyone –Here are the R206 Release Notes:“Iron Fist”Battle your opponents with an ALL-NEW character for hire, introduce new Heroes to S.H.I.E.L.D. including Killmonger, stock up on rewards, and ro [...]

New Minion Group: A.I.M. ScientistsWho ever would have thought that a bunch of folks in beekeeper outfits would prove to be such a nuisance? Especially when guided by the super intelligence of M.O.D.O [...]

Killmonger (Erik Stevens)5-Star Rarity (Epic)Affiliation: Villains"Erik Stevens grew up in America, orphaned after the death of his father, Prince N'Jobu of Wakanda. After graduating from MI [...]

Marvel Puzzle Quest Sneak Peek: Upcoming In July, 2020(*Important note: Anything listed below is subject to change before release. We will try to update any changes in a timely manner, but please keep [...]

Hi Everyone - Here are the R205 Release Notes:‘Welcome home”Enjoy your summer in MPQ with an all-new character, hot bundles, and sizzling content!Additional quality of life updates have been made to t [...]