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Scorpion (Classic)4-Star Rarity (Legendary) Affiliations: Villains, Sinister Six  "MacDonald Gargan was a private investigator until he underwent paid genetic experiments that promised to make hi [...]

Hi Everyone –Here are the R216 Release Notes.“Passionate and stubborn?”Plan the perfect moment to strike with Magneto (Age of Apocalypse), now in select events!Take your Alliance to the top in the Ave [...]

Magneto (Age of Apocalypse)5-Star Rarity Affiliations: Heroes, X-Men, Mutants  "In a world where Professor Xavier was killed and Apocalypse reigned supreme, Erik Lensherr was left to pick up the [...]

Hi Everyone –Here are the R215 Release Notes.“Apocalyptic silence”– Family is everything…Protect them at all costs with Red Guardian (Alexei Shostakov), now in select events!– The ALL-NEW Daily Quests [...]

With R215 we’re planning on rolling out a new feature to Marvel Puzzle Quest, Daily Quests. With the Daily Quest feature players will be rewarded for completing different tasks in the game each day, c [...]

Red Guardian (Alexei Shostakov)4-Star Rarity (Legendary) Affiliations: Heroes  "As a soldier and test pilot for the USSR, Alexei Shostakov proved his skill and unimpeachable moral character. His [...]

Update: 11:15AM PST - This issue has been fixed. The save issue for some Android players took place between 6:30 AM PST and 10:55AM PST. Please reach out to Customer Support if you continue to have an [...]

Hi Everyone –Here are the R214 Release Notes.“Standing Strong for Mother”Fright season is in full swing!Trick your opponents and eliminate all the monsters with Elsa Bloodstone (Monster Hunter) in eve [...]

Elsa Bloodstone (Monster Hunter)4-Star Rarity (Legendary) Affiliations: Heroes  "Elsa Bloodstone's natural-born monster hunting skills have been honed to a lethal point by lifelong combat tr [...]

Hi Everyone –Here are the R213 Release Notes“Dig for victory”Keep those Taco Truck orders going with Deadpool (Spirit of Vengeance) in his featured events now!A brand new Team Select filter allows you [...]