4* to 5* Progress Guide

The transition from 4* to 5* characters is currently either an act of extreme patience or extreme spending, with pretty much nothing in between.  There are only a handful of strategies for fully covering 5* characters.  They all involve luck to some extent, since the only way to get a 5* character is to open a token that has a 10 to 15% chance of being a 5* cover.  We’ll cover the three main ways to cover 5*s: Patience & Luck, Hoarding, and Whaling.

Patience & Luck

Patience & Luck is when you cover 5* characters without even trying to really do so.  You open tokens when you get them, you spend Command Points on Classic Legendary Tokens for the maximum number of tokens, and open Latest Legendary Tokens as you get them.   Over time, with a large enough number of tokens that you open you should be able to slowly cover 5* characters.

Daywalker’s Take: This is how I’ve approached the 5* transition.  There’s no real strategy to it (since everything’s random, there’s no way to have a strategy).  But it is a long, long road.  I got my first 5* cover, for Phoenix, in January 2016.  I got my 13th cover for Phoenix in May 2017.  In June 2017 I received my 13th cover for my second fully covered 5*, Green Goblin.


The only way to somewhat guarantee you will be able to champion one or more specific 5*s is to hoard, or save, Command Points and Legendary Tokens.

D3 Customer Service (CS) has had a policy for some time now that allows you to contact them and ask to have duplicate 5* covers changed to a color that you need to finish that character, as long as the pulls came from the Latest Legendary cover store or a new 5*-specific cover store (such as the Homecoming store that gave a 10% chance of getting 5* Spider-Man).

For each pull from these stores you would either need 25 Command Points (CP) or a token.  Latest Legendary tokens can be earned from champion levels of 3* and 4* characters, as well as the Crash of the Titans event that changes every 5 days.

The number of pulls you then need can be calculated, based on the percentage of 5*s covers one should receive on each pull.  Here are the numbers:

To cover one of the three 5*s in Latest Legendary Tokens (LTs):
No CS Assistance = 230 Pulls (5,750 Command Points without any LTs)
w/ CS Assistance = 200 Pulls (5,000 CP without any LTs)

To cover all three 5*s in Latest Legendaries:
No CS Assistance = 390 Pulls (9,750 CP without any LTs)
w/ CS Assistance = 300 Pulls (7,500 CP without any LTs)

To cover one new featured 5* in their special store:
No CS Assistance = 150 Pulls (3,750 CP without any special LTs)
w/ CS Assistance = 130 Pulls (3,250 CP without any special LTs)


The biggest spenders in videogames are called whales, and when you spend a lot of money you’re whaling.  In this case, you spend money specifically to get more Command Points.  With each $100 purchase you make in the game, you and your alliance get a bonus 7 Command Points.  Big spenders coordinate with each other (usually using the app LINE) and start up a temporary alliance called a buy club.  Each person leaves their regular alliance and joins the temporary buy club alliance with the understanding that each person in the buy club will be making a $100 purchase.  So when everyone does so, each member receives 140 Command Points.

Those Command Points then get spent in the same way as outlined in the Hoarding section above.

The biggest whales in the game are almost always in buy clubs, spending thousands of dollars and accumulating massive amounts of CP in order to fuel their token run.