Who Is Daywalker?

A longtime reader and contributor to the D3 forums (and occasionally the MPQ subreddit), Daywalker has been playing Marvel Puzzle Quest since August 21, 2014, missing only one SHIELD Resupply day to date.  His roster is available online, as a Google Sheet.

Daywalker’s in-game name is _Daywalker_, and he is the co-commander of a casual alliance called GetUrGrootOn.  He plays MPQ in a mix between somewhat competitive and casual… when he wants to place highly and can put in the time he works to do so, but more often he’s aiming for his own casual goals and just generally having fun with the game.

Daywalker has a very positive view of the game in general.  As long as he has fun and can continue to roster and build new characters, he’s happy.  While many people online bemoan changes in the game Daywalker just sees changes as more obstacles to overcome, and focuses on the best ways to focus his gameplay based on the latest changes in the game.