1* to 2* Progress Guide

It may not seem like it when you first start playing, but the 1* character tier is the one you will spend the least amount of time in.  You should stay focused from the start on gathering and rostering 2* characters, to move on to the 2* tier as soon as you can.

Play the Prologue Over and Over

You start out in the Prologue section of the game and you should play every Prologue battle as many times as allowed, to get all of the prizes — there’s Iso-8, Hero Points, 1* covers and 2* covers all to be gained from those battles, and they are the easiest way to build those resources when you are first starting out in the game.

Characters to Focus On

Your Iso-8 is best spent leveling one or two favorite 1* characters.  Check out our 1* Character Ranking for details on the eight 1* characters in the game and which are the best to have for the long run.

At least one 1* character is needed on your roster for the rest of the time you play the game, if you are going for maximum resources (one battle in Deadpool’s Daily Quest always requires a 1*), so your efforts in focusing on one or two 1* characters will not be wasted.  Gather the covers for those characters and only put Iso-8 into leveling those characters at first, no other characters.

Once you have one or two 1* characters maxed out, start putting the rest of the Iso-8 you earn into 2* characters.  Once you have enough covers and have leveled a 2* to level 40 or 50, they are as or more powerful than any maxed-out 1* character.

For the most part the 2* tier is pretty solid — you can pick a few characters you like playing with and focus on them, ignoring the rest.  Check out our 2* Character Ranking for rundowns on who you could focus on.


Because you are always dealing with finite resources — namely time, covers, Iso-8 and Hero Points (HP) — it’s best not to spread those resources thin.  Don’t put any Iso-8 into 3* characters at this time — in fact, you may consider not rostering them at all when starting out.  And 4* and 5* characters should be avoided, if possible, just due to your lack of HP and Iso-8 at the beginning of the game.  It’s best to use your limited resources to focus on a few (three to five) 2* characters at this time, and start gathering 3* characters as you gain HP for those slots.

Command Points and Legendary Tokens

If you happen to get any command points or legendary tokens at this point in the game, do not spend them.  Legendary Tokens are the easiest way in the game to obtain 4* character covers, which your gameplay is not ready for (see the “scaling” issue mentioned above), and the only way in the game to obtain 5* characters, which is the most powerful tier in the game, and again way more powerful than your roster can handle at this time.  Tokens and Command Points never expire, so just hold on to them — you will use them eventually, and if you decide to spend them now (on leveling up 2* characters for example), you will likely regret it down the road when you are making the 3* to 4* transition.

Roster Slots – The Only Thing You Should Spend Hero Points On

Apart from Iso-8, roster slots (and the Hero Points required to get them) are the resource that most impact your overall game progress.  You start out with three free roster slots, then slots 4 and 5 are 50 HP each, and it keeps climbing from there… by slot 25 they’re 350 HP each, slot 50 they’re 650 HP, and at slot 77 they reach 1000 HP (and stay there — that is the maximum HP cost for a slot).

There are more than 130 characters in the game and to play every aspect of the game you would need at least all of the 2* and above characters rostered, meaning more than 120 roster slots — that would be 81,800 HP for all of those slots.  The good news is that with a lot of regular play you can get a consistent income of HP (including 10 HP a day just for doing a few battles of Deadpool’s Daily Quest), but regardless if your goal is to one day have all the characters, understand that it is a very long-term goal unless you’re willing to spend hundreds of dollars on Hero Points.

It can be very tempting to spend HP on a token, which has the promise to get you a higher-level character or a cover that you really need to finish a character.  But we recommend you avoid that temptation – your Hero Points are always more effectively put toward roster slots.  You have so many characters to roster, and the roster slot prices keep increasing, so even when a 100 or 200 HP a “daily deal” token sounds like a great deal, that 100 or 200 HP could have been put toward a roster slot, enabling you to progress faster.  With enough gameplay, character tokens come pretty easily.  And they’re always random, which means if you’re paying HP for one, you may be paying for a cover that you don’t need or want, making it even more of a waste of that resource.