Character Rankings: 3*

Looking to move on to the 3* tier and don’t know who to focus on first?  Let this article be your guide…

Characters in Tokens

Use the below list as your guide for who to level first, but first you should focus on leveling up characters who work well together.  See our 2* to 3* Progress Guide for more details.

  1. Iron Man (Model 40).  Known as IM40 for short, Iron Man (Model 40) underwent a massive rework in February 2016 that changed the character from hated & never used to absolutely essential.  IM40’s powers used to get more expensive with the more covers that were applied — so much so that many players didn’t even want to get him up to 13 covers since it made all of his powers so much more expensive. The 2016 rework changed all that, creating what the Puzzle Warriors 3 podcasters affectionately call “Battery Man.”  IM40’s yellow power is the star of the show — at five covers for 6 AP he creates 3 countdown tiles that each produce 4 red & blue AP, 3 green AP and 1 purple AP, and also stuns Iron Man for two turns.  This massive AP generation (as long as the countdown tiles do not get destroyed or matched away) makes IM40 the favorite partner of any and all red-, blue- or green-using characters in the game.  Not only is he great to pair with the big red users from the 3* tier, like Cyclops and Steve Rogers, but his low requirements (just two yellow matches) mean you can keep using him long after you leave the tier, with IM40 providing AP for any powerful red & blue 4* characters (and there are many).
  2. Magneto (Classic). Arguably one of the best 3* characters in the game, Classic Magneto (or cMags for short) is one you want to focus on getting quickly.  His 8 AP red power is cheap and is great at mixing up the board and doing massive damage (as well as creating cascades).  It destroys all the Team-Up tiles on the board, generating damage for each one.  Magneto’s blue power is a reasonable 10 AP and does great damage as well.  At five covers it swaps up to 7 random blue tiles with red tiles, doing damage for each swap (and sometimes creating matches as well).  His 9 AP yellow power is the least useful of the three, but can be useful to generate some protect tiles in a pinch (at 3 covers it also can randomly overwrite enemy protect, strike and attack tiles).  You can get covers for cMags by championing (then max champing, selling, and rechampioning) 2* Magneto.
  3. Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange).  Prior to Dr. Strange’s release, players used to get really frustrated with goons and their constant AP generation and creation of countdown tiles.  Now Dr. Strange’s awesome passive yellow power, Flames of the Faltine, makes quick work of goons, firing every time an enemy power goes off, dealing damage and burst healing his team.  His 9 AP blue power is excellent as well, converting a chosen tile into a countdown tile and stunning his target for 3 turns (at five covers).  Each turn the countdown tile destroys enemy AP and deals damage.  Strange’s purple power is a little expensive, at 11 AP but it gives some AP back (3 purple AP are returned at three covers, 4 purple AP at five covers) and removes enemy special tiles.  There are other powers in the 3* tier that do the same thing a little cheaper or easier, but if you have no other purple powers on your team, Strange’s purple is still effective.
  4. Cyclops (Uncanny X-Men).  A very powerful, self-feeding character, Cyclops has two of the most powerful attacks in the 3* tier with his red and black powers.  His 10 AP red power both deals damage to the target and destroys a random row.  His 13 AP black power, when you achieve its highest trigger condition (at 5 covers, more than 9 red tiles need to be on the board) deals massive damage to the targeted enemy and then stuns Cyclops for one turn.  His yellow power helps charge up both of his other powers, turning team-up tiles into red tiles (generating red matches and gathering red AP, or just putting more red tiles on the board for Cyclops’ black).
  5. Iron Fist (Immortal Weapon).  One of the few black-generating characters in the game (and the best one in the 3* tier), Iron Fist is a character that will continue to be useful well after you leave the 3* tier.  His cheap, 5 AP purple power converts 7 random tiles on the board to black — or if you have 12 or more black AP does decent damage to the target.  That makes him a great partner for anyone with a strong black power (such as 3* Cyclops and Luke Cage). His passive black power creates a nice, strong attack tile at the beginning of your turn if one does not exist on the board, giving you free damage at the end of every turn.  That attack tile goes along really well with anyone who creates strike tiles, which includes Iron Fist himself, as his 8 AP green power does damage and creates 2 strike tiles at 3 covers, and 3 strike tiles at 5 covers.
  6. Scarlet Witch (Wanda Maximoff).  Scarlet Witch, or SWitch as she’s known in the online MPQ community, is one of the few characters in the game that passively generates AP.  Her blue passive power, Arcane Incantation, puts a countdown tile on the board (if one doesn’t already exist) that, when it goes off, converts random adjacent basic or team-up tiles into purple tiles.  At five covers it’s transforming five tiles… As long as the countdown doesn’t get stuck in a corner or surrounded by special tiles, this usually means a purple match or two are created, and sometimes a critical tile.  This then directly feeds Scarlet’s powerful 14 AP purple power, Reality Crush, which does decent AOE damage to the enemy and stuns a random enemy for an impressive 5 turns (at five covers).  Her green power isn’t much to speak of, as there are much better green powers in the game, but it can gather up a little AP and potentially get rid of enemy special tiles in a pinch.
  7. Thanos (Modern).  Thanos is the king of wave battles and any battle with low-level enemies.  Just focus on the weakest enemy, down them, and let Thanos’s passive black, Court Death, do big AOE damage to the enemy team, as well as some damage (about 1/4 of his enemy AOE, at five covers) to his allies.  This usually means you’re sacrificing other characters to be Thanos’s teammates, or using health packs after the battle, but it’s generally worth it due to how fast and easy he can make so many battles.  His 8 AP purple power is decent, giving bonus damage to all of his match damage while a countdown tile is on the board.  Thanos’s green power is rather expensive at 12 AP — but if you can get the 3-turn countdown tile it creates to go off, it’s doing some nice AOE enemy damage.
  8. Hawkeye (Hawkguy).  Hawkguy’s signature power is his 5 AP blue, which cycles through eight different arrow powers before becoming Out of Arrows and just doing straight damage to the target.  The wide range of arrow types can be very fun to play, as he stuns, damages, creates charged tiles, creates strike tiles, steals enemy AP, creates attack tiles, turns Hawkeye and his teammates invisible, and does AOE damage.  Helping you fire off his arrows is the passive built into Hawkguy’s black power, which (at five covers) gives you 2 blue AP and 2 purple AP every time you match an enemy special tile.  And for 10 AP his black can also create random enemy special tiles for you to match away and heal Hawkeye.  His 10 AP purple power, Because… Boomerangs, creates nice strike tiles but removes them and does damage after a countdown tile expires.
  9. Sam Wilson (Falcon).   Sam Wilson is a strong defensive support character, who can also do some nice AOE damage with his his 9 AP purple power.  His passive yellow power improves the strength of of friendly strike, attack or protect tiles every time you make a yellow match.  His blue passive converts an enemy special tile into a countdown tile whenever you have 5 or more blue AP.  And his purple power puts out 8 protect tiles (at five covers) and does AOE damage to the enemy team.
  10. Black Panther (T’Challa).  Black Panther can be a tricky, yet powerful, character to play.  His strongest power, the 12 AP black “Rage of the Panther,” is a very powerful enemy AOE attack, but when you fire it, the enemy gains 5 AP in their strongest color.  Fire it at the wrong time and you’re giving your enemy the AP they need to fire a powerful attack back at you; fire it at the right time and you’re downing one or more of the enemy team’s characters and potentially changing what that team’s strongest color is depending on who is left standing.  Panther’s 9 AP yellow generates three nice and powerful strike tiles that are even stronger if you have 10 team-up AP on hand.  And Black Panther’s 8 AP blue is really only useful to fire if you don’t have any other blue users, as it creates a countdown tile that creates protect tiles… and that countdown might get matched away before it even creates one protect tile.
  11. Kamala Khan (Ms. Marvel).  All three of Kamala Khan’s powers are great.  Her passive yellow is the only one of its kind in the 3* tier, burst healing the team any time her allies fire a power.  Her 8 AP purple turns a selected tile and random tiles of that same color into green tiles, allowing you to set up some green matches, as well as deny a color to the enemy.  And her 12 AP green power does powerful AOE damage to the enemy team.
  12. Thor (Modern). Thor, like Storm, Daken and Human Torch, are slightly tweaked versions of their 2* counterparts.  The D3 forumites have characterized these variations as “lazy” since the developers didn’t go to any effort to make new powers for these versions when they released them.  Lazy Thor is slightly different than 2* Thor, in that his green is easily his most powerful power (for 2* Thor, you’re best running him at 5/5/3, but 3* Thor is best run at 3/5/5).  His green “Call the Storm” does some of the best AOE damage in the 3* tier and its 14 AP cost is made more reachable by the 9 green tiles his yellow power puts on the board.
  13. Steve Rogers (Super Soldier).  3* Steve Rogers takes a bit of time (or a red/blue generating partner, like Iron Man) to get started, but once he’s running he’s pretty unstoppable.  While his yellow can be ignored (at 19 AP you’re likely never going to fire it off) his red and blue powers are awesome.  His 11 AP red deals decent damage and transforms a chosen tile into a 3-turn countdown tile that returns 10 red AP (almost enough to fire it off again).  His 12 AP blue power is similar, stunning a target for 2 turns and converting a chosen tile into a countdown tile; when that countdown expires it becomes a super-powerful protect tile and returns 10 blue AP.
  14. Luke Cage (Hero for Hire).  Luke Cage provides a nice combination of protection and powerful attacks.  His passive red power creates a protect tile, if one does not already exist, at the beginning of your turn.  His 13 AP yellow power is one of the few yellow powers in the game that does damage — and it does extra damage for each non-downed ally Luke has.  And Cage’s 6 AP black power does a little damage then creates a 4-turn countdown tile; while the countdown tile is on the board, he deals a lot more damage with his black and stuns the target for a turn.  It often works best to fire off Luke’s black after you have 12 black AP on hand… for that reason Luke’s buddy Iron Fist is helpful to have along, to generate black AP.
  15. Doctor Doom (Classic). Dr. Doom is one of the most powerful characters in the 3* tier.  His purple power, Diabolical Plot, passively puts a trap tile on a purple tile at the beginning of every turn.  Then for 10 purple AP he deals damage for each trap tile on the board.  Doom’s 9 AP blue power converts all blue tiles on the board into black tiles, making him an okay black generator and a deadly counter to Daken (who requires blue tiles on the board to survive).  And his 12 AP black power, Summon Demons, creates 4 attack tiles with decent strength at 3 covers (he creates 6 attack tiles at 5 covers with even more strength).
  16. Blade (Daywalker).  A character who doesn’t really have one bad power or incorrect build, 3* Blade can excel in multiple areas.  If you don’t bring along a red-using teammate and leave red tiles on the board, his passive green power will generate strike tiles on the board for you at the start of each turn.  His 10 AP purple power will create strong attack tiles that get bonus damage at the time of creation for each friendly strike tile on the board.  And his 8 AP black power will do okay damage to the target but also create a green countdown tile that steals AP from the enemy’s strongest color each turn.
  17. Star-Lord (Peter Quill).  The newest 3* character in the game (a toned-down version of his 5* “Awesome Mix Vol. 2” counterpart), Star-Lord has a wide range of powers.  His 10 AP yellow power (at 4 or 5 covers) converts 5 basic tiles of the enemies strongest color into green charged tiles.  This helps fuel Star-Lord’s fairly expensive 12 AP green ability, which destroys 3 random columns and deals AOE team damage but doesn’t destroy any friendly tiles (including charged tiles he created, surprisingly enough).  His fairly cheap 8 AP purple power can either steal up to 4 random enemy special tiles (at 5 covers) or steal 8 random enemy AP if there are no enemy special tiles on the board.
  18. The Hood (Classic). The Hood has a power that ends the turn and the lowest health points of all the 3* characters… so why is so high on this list?  Mainly because of his awesome passive blue power.  For the low, low cost of zero AP, The Hood will stand around in the background and passively steal AP from the enemy team.  At five covers if there are more than 9 blue, purple, red, green, black or yellow tiles on the board, The Hood will steal one AP of that color.  Because of his low health points, you don’t want him tanking any colors, so it works out rather well that he isn’t going to go up in levels as fast as his peers in this tier.  The Hood’s 9 AP black power can also be very useful — at 3 covers he’s reducing the timer on 3 friendly countdown tiles by 1 and doing damage; at 5 covers he reduces the timer on all friendly countdown tiles and does a little more damage.  That makes him a great partner for anyone who relies on countdown tiles to go off, like Iron Man (Model 40).  Hood’s yellow power is super-expensive at 15 AP and also ends the turn, with the squishy Hood and his small number of hit points sitting out front.  That makes it a rarely if ever used power, but if you time it right (maybe when the enemy team is all stunned) it does do some nice tile destruction.
  19. Loki (Dark Reign). Like The Hood, Loki is another AP-stealing villain with a small amount of health.  With Loki on your team, any time the opposing team makes a four- or five-match, his passive green power, Mischief, creates four 2-turn countdown tiles (at five covers) that steal two random AP when they go off.  If you leave four-matches open for your opponents to take, you can keep their AP down even when they’re getting cascades.  Loki’s 11 AP black is very unique, (at five covers) transforming all enemy strike tiles into friendly protect tiles, and all enemy protect tiles into friendly strike tiles.  Use him against Bullseye and get a whole bunch of strike tiles, or against Maggia thugs and get some super-strong protect tiles.  Loki’s purple power, Illusions, is cheap at just 5 AP and mixes up the board, sometimes giving you matches, other times just setting things up a little better for you to make a match.  Loki’s powers don’t increase with his power level, just with covers, so you can collect his covers but save your ISO for a while because he won’t get any more powerful.  Like The Hood, Loki is best used when he can hide behind stronger characters and doesn’t make matches himself.
  20. Beast (Classic). Beast has gone through at least one rework over the years and his current version is very playable.  His powers are similar to Rocket & Groot’s, but a little more powerful and cheaper.  His blue costs just 6 AP and at five covers creates a 1-turn countdown tile that then creates 3 random strike, protect or attack tiles of a decent strength.  Beast’s 9 AP green deals a decent amount of AOE damage to the enemy team for the cost, plus if there’s any kind of blue friendly special tile on the board (including a countdown), he does even more damage, destroying 12 random tiles, dealing damage for each and shaking the board up a little.  Beast’s yellow isn’t a passive like Rocket & Groot but instead costs 11 AP and does a nice amount of burst healing to himself and his team.  If you have at least one blue friendly special tile on the board he even creates 2 protect tiles (at 3 covers; he creates 3 at 5 covers) as a mini-bonus.
  21. Daredevil (Man Without Fear).  Daredevil’s best power is his 9 AP blue power, Billy Club, which (at five covers) stuns the target for 2 turns and creates a 3-turn countdown tile that stuns a target for 2 turns and then creates another countdown tile.  With a couple Billy Club countdowns on the board, you can keep your opponents stun-locked and unable to fire powers.  Daredevil’s purple can get rid of enemy special tiles, doing damage for each one as well, but is a little expensive at 10 AP.  And Daredevil’s 8 AP red power creates a trap tile that does decent damage and moves to a new tile if you match it, or does bonus damage (and goes away) if the enemy matches it.  He can be particularly fun to play with someone who generates red tiles on the board (like 3* Cyclops).
  22. Deadpool (It’s Me, Deadpool!).  Deadpool has the cheapest and most unique red power in the game.  For 6 red AP, he reduces a target’s health by a percentage (65% at five covers) — but you can actually do more damage than that if you have strike tiles on the board.  Deadpool’s 14 AP purple power, Whales! Whales! Whales!, does a nice amount of AOE enemy team damage.  Every day you play with 3* Deadpool you get a random amount of “Deadpool Points” — once you have over 28,000 Deadpool Points you then get offered to drop all the whales on the enemy team, which is an instant win for a battle, taking out any level of any enemy in the game, no matter how many health points they have left.  Deadpool’s black power seems cool at first glance — he steps in and takes damage for his teammates when it’s above a certain level, then creates a black countdown tiles that allows him to heal back some of the damage — but in practice becomes an annoyance to play with, as he keeps jumping in front of attacks and damaging himself.
  23. Mystique (Raven Darkholme). Mystique has (to date) the only purple power in the game that stuns.  For 8 AP, it stuns an opponent for 1 turn at 3 covers or 2 turns at 5 covers.  In addition it creates a countdown “Shapeshift” tile that changes Mystique’s appearance and also steals AP every time the opponent makes a match (at 3 covers it only steals when the opponent makes green, yellow, red or blue, but at 5 covers it steals all colors).  Mystique’s 11 AP black power, Masterstroke, does straight damage and reduces enemy AP (along with her team’s) and also has a great interaction with her purple, destroying the shapeshift countdown tile if it exists and doing bonus damage.  Mystique’s blue feeds her other two powers fairly well, transforming random tiles into purple or black tiles.
  24. Wolverine (Patch).  Patch’s biggest strength is his ability to heal.  At 5 yellow covers, he’s healing at the beginning of every turn (lower cover levels make his healing dependent on the number of yellow tiles on the board).  His 9 AP green attack is quite strong, but it’s a double-edged sword, so to speak… he creates 3 strike tiles for his team, and 3 strike tiles for the enemy team.  What this means is unless you bring along other teammates who can heal or have the AP to take out the enemy strike tiles he creates, you generally don’t want to use his green power unless you’re using it to end the fight.  (Or have a ridiculous amount of health packs to use.)  The 3* characters that are currently in tokens that can get rid of Patch’s enemy strike tiles include Dr. Strange, Falcon, Steve Rogers and Daredevil.  So if you’re playing with Dr. Strange or Daredevil, for example, you could wait to fire Patch’s green until you have enough purple to fire Strange or Daredevil’s power.  Arguably, the 3* character that works best to take out Patch’s tiles is one that isn’t currently in tokens: Loki (his black converts all enemy strike tiles to friendly protect tiles).  Patch’s red is powerful but expensive and dependent on team/board make-up… For 14 red AP he does damage for every tile that has his icon.  It’s best used when Wolverine is the most powerful character on your team, or if the other more powerful teammate(s) on his team are stunned or downed.
  25. Rocket & Groot (Most Wanted).  Rocket & Groot can be a great way to save health packs… their yellow power at 5 covers can restore nearly all of their health when you make a yellow match and they are below 25% health (destroying all team-up tiles on the board and healing for each one).  Their 10 AP green power does okay damage and shakes up the board (more so at 5 covers than 3 covers) and their 11 AP blue power generates some very strong strike tiles after a countdown tile goes off.  You get to choose where the countdown goes and it goes down from 3 turns to 2 turns at cover levels 4 and 5.  The green board destruction and the blue countdown/strike tiles kind of counter each other — basically you want one at 3 covers and the other at 5 covers, depending on whether you’re valuing board destruction over strong strike tile creation.
  26. Spider-Man (Classic). Spider-Man is a great defensive supportive character.  His purple creates nice protect tiles with every purple match and his blue has a great, cheap stun (5 AP for 1 turn and the number of turns go up with the number of web tiles on the board).  Up until his June 2017 rework, Spidey’s biggest downfall was his lack of attack abilities.  That changed when they converted his 12 AP yellow ability from a burst heal of his teammates into an attack power.  It does a decent amount of damage by itself (~6.5K damage at 5 covers at level 166) but gets a bonus (nearly double the damage) if his teammates are downed.  From 1 to 3 covers, both of his teammates need to be downed for the bonus; at levels 4 and 5, the bonus kicks in if just one of his teammates is downed.  This change catapulted Spidey from the last character you targeted in PVP to one of the first, since his yellow packs quite the punch.
  27. Storm (Mohawk). 3* Storm is an exact copy of 1* Storm, just with more damage and health points.  There’s really nothing wrong with that, as at the 3* power level she can be extremely useful.  Her green is a great AP generator, her black can cover the board in attack tiles and her yellow can both do damage and generate team-up AP.  She doesn’t have a lot of health, but she can be very helpful if relied upon for her AP generation.
  28. Gamora (Guardians of the Galaxy). Gamora’s best power is easily her red, Razor’s Edge.  For just 5 red AP, Gamora does a surprising amount of damage to her opponent, which you can keep firing again and again thanks to how cheap it is.  Her other two powers are much more expensive, at 12 AP each, and as such you generally only get a chance to fire one or the other during a battle, depending on how the colors of the board fall for you.  Her green power, Skull Cracker, does an okay amount of damage and then stuns two random enemies — it’s nice to fire off when you’re down to just two enemies left, that way you know you’re stunning both of them.  Gamora’s black is dependent on both board make-up and whether she’s tanking colors, which can be difficult to pull off.  She places a strike tile on yellow tiles for every 4 tiles that have her symbol; if she doesn’t have any symbols then you just wasted 12 black AP.
  29. Daken (Classic). 3* Daken is almost the same as 2* Daken, with one key difference: at 5 covers his purple passive power is adding 2 strike tiles (instead of 1 strike tile) to the board whenever anyone makes a green match.  This slight difference ends up filling the board’s red tiles up with strike tiles a lot faster, and when combined with a partner that makes attack tiles (such as Iron Fist) can give your battles a considerable damage boost.  Daken’s black passive healing power also makes him a great way to conserve health packs, as he’s likely to still be near full health at the end of your battle.  His blue power should be used sparingly, as it removes strike tiles and blue tiles from the board — it’s a great finishing move.
  30. Black Widow (Grey Suit).  Grey Suit Black Widow, or GSBW for short, has a powerful, but expensive green.  For 19 green AP it destroys a large section of the board and does damage for each tile destroyed, as well as enemy team AOE damage.  Her star power is really her 11 AP purple power, which, at five covers, allows you to convert 6 chosen basic tiles into green tiles.  No other power in the game lets you choose as many tiles to convert, and the large number lets you set up multiple five-matches, generating critical tiles.  Her red power is just okay.  For an expensive 14 AP (at three covers; 17 AP at five covers) it lets you choose multiple areas of the board to destroy blocks of tiles, plus does a little damage to the target.
  31. Bullseye (Classic).  3* Bullseye’s star power is his black passive, which creates strike tiles every time Bullseye downs an opponent.  It can be hard to pull off (Bullseye needs to be the character that makes the finishing move, so either one of his other two powers or by match damage) but when it happens it’s ridiculously fun.  His purple power is nice and cheap at 7 AP and does decent damage — you just need special tiles for it to target and convert to basic tiles.  His green power is slightly expensive, at 11 AP, but is one of the most puzzle-y powers in the game, as he allows you to, at five covers, destroy 5 chosen basic or team-up tiles on the board, and do damage.  It’s a great way to set up matches and cascades.
  32. Human Torch (Classic). 3* Human Torch is an exact copy of 2* Human Torch, just with 3* damage and health points.  He has all the same advantages and disadvantages of his 2* counterpart, mainly with his red power being cheap but powerful (and giving you red AP back), his green working well if he’s your only green user and his black having the nasty side effect of reducing your blue, yellow and purple AP but creating strong attack tiles (that unfortunately always generate in the same places, meaning they won’t generate if a special or team-up tile is already there).
  33. Captain Marvel (Modern). 3* Captain Marvel excels at two things: AP generation and stunning.  At five covers her yellow passive power she’s generating 5 red AP and 3 black AP every time he takes damage over a certain level.  This works best if she’s tanking (meaning her symbols are on the board and she makes the strongest matches) colors so the enemy is attacking her.  The black AP directly feeds her 9 AP black power that does decent damage as well as stuns her target for 2 turns (at five covers).  The red AP she generates can be used for her 7 AP red power but it doesn’t do great damage — it does, however, destroy enemy protect tiles.  At 3 covers her red is destroying up to 3 enemy protect tiles.  If she’s not tanking colors for you and you don’t have a better red power to bring along, you could consider her red at 5 covers, as it is doing slightly better damage but is also destroying all enemy protect tiles.
  34. The Hulk (Indestructible). Hulk has one great power, one mediocre one, and one mostly useless power.  The Hulk works best when he is tanking on your team.  That can be very difficult to do, since his covers are not available in tokens and many other characters will surpass him in levels because of that.  But if he is tanking and taking enemy team damage, Hulk’s black passive, Anger, shines.  At five covers, whenever Hulk is damaged for more than 5% of his health, he creates a 1-turn countdown tile that converts 5 random tiles to green and damages his enemies and allies.  This then feeds his one great power, his 10 AP green Thunderous Clap.  This deals damage to to the target and destroys tiles — the more green AP you have, the more tiles it destroys.   Hulk’s terrible red power, Smash, costs a massive 14 AP, does not do that great of damage for the AP cost, drains up to 10 of your green AP, and can also damage his teammates if there are more than 10 green tiles on the board.  Basically, you will likely never be able to or want to fire it.
  35. Ragnarok (Dark Avengers Thor). Ragnarok (a.k.a. Rags) is a character that has gone through a few revisions over the years in efforts to make him a better character.  His current incarnation is okay, but not great.  His green is expensive at 14 AP; it does enemy team damage that goes up with each cover level, and a set amount of friendly team damage that stays at the same level, regardless of covers.  This makes this power okay to use occasionally but can’t be relied upon consistently unless you’re constantly using health packs or changing out his teammates.  His 6 AP red power is very cheap, does a little damage, and adds blue tiles to the board — one of the few blue-generating powers in the game, let alone in this tier.  Rags’ 8 AP blue power both burst heals Ragnarok as well as creates green charged tiles on the board.  Charged tiles can be great if you match them, and not so good if the enemy gets them.
  36. Quicksilver (Pietro Maximoff). Quicksilver, one of the fastest superheroes in the Marvel universe, is sadly one of the slowest characters to actually play in MPQ.  That’s thanks to his blue passive ability, which prompts a bit of animation to play and then locks a random team-up tile whenever anyone makes a blue match.  Once there are 4 locked team-up tiles, Quicksilver detonates them for some very nice (and free) enemy team damage.  If you can live with the animations and stopping/starting of your playing, Quicksilver is a decently strong character.  His 8 AP green power locks a tile (feeding his blue passive) as well as does very nice damage to his target.  And his 9 AP black power swaps the position of two tiles — something that can come in very handy in certain situations, like boss events.  His black and green power also decrease in AP costs with each locked team-up tile on the board (down to costing a minimum of 5 AP each).
  37. She-Hulk (Modern). She-Hulk is okay — not great, but not terrible either.  Her 9 AP blue power steals and improves enemy protect, strike or attack tiles, and her 9 AP red power does some enemy team damage and destroys tiles at the bottom of the board — useful for when an enemy has a special tile down there.  Her 6 AP green power can do some great AP denial of the enemy — she drains all the enemy AP of a random power and then a percentage of a second color depending on covers (50% at 3 covers, 100% at 5 covers).  It’s great, but it’s random, so it might pick a color to drain that the enemy has no AP in to begin with.  If you can, try to hold off on firing it until you have to, so you can fire it multiple times and hopefully drain the correct color from the enemy.
  38. Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius). Doc Ock is a fun character that excels in a particular situation: going up against enemies that make a lot of special tiles.  When he does, his black passive ability, Insult to Injury, really shines.  At five covers, every time you make a match that includes an enemy special tile, Ock creates 2 attack tiles.  His other two powers are little expensive — 11 AP for his blue and 12 AP for his green — but they go together well.  His blue swaps pairs of tiles around the board and destroys enemy special tiles that get swapped.  His green tries to do a whole bunch of stuff at once — enemy team damage, stunning a random enemy, strengthening a friendly special tile and stealing green AP from the enemy.
  39. Colossus (Classic). Colossus has three unique powers.  His yellow, Immovalbe Object, was later copied (and improved upon) by Thanos, but Colossus’s version is the original.  For 8 AP it places a countdown tile on the board (3-turns at 3 covers, 5-turns at 5 covers); while the countdown is on the board Colossus is the target of all attacks and resists a percentage of the damage dealt to him (45% at 3 covers, 50% at 5 covers).  His red does some really nice damage for 11 AP but only if he is in front — so it’s best to fire his red right after firing his yellow to get the full effect.  And his 13 AP black power, Fastball Special, is one of the most fun powers in the game: you get to choose a teammate to send airborne; once they land, they fire off one of their powers at no cost.  You don’t get to choose the power they fire, but being able to fire off a teammates power when you don’t have that color AP is pretty cool.
  40. Vision (Android Avenger). Vision is a slightly complicated but can be fairly easy to play if you just concentrate on his two best powers: blue and red.  His 5 AP blue power creates a 4-turn Density: Heavy countdown tile that, when on the board, gives Vision a massive match damage boost.  While his Density: Heavy Tile is out, Vision’s red also turns into Heavy Strike, dealing some really nice enemy team damage for 10 AP.  Vision’s powers with the Density: Light tile aren’t nearly as fun to play with (he takes less damage to himself, and gets rid of a couple enemy special tiles) but timed correctly switching to the yellow Density: Light tile can result in Vision resisting a bunch of damage.  To make Vision work at all though, he needs to be making matches and therefore tanking colors.  Since he’s not in tokens and therefore hard to get covers for, it will be difficult to build a team around him to make him shine, unless you focus on characters that do not have red, blue or yellow powers for his teammates.
  41. Squirrel Girl (Unbeatable). Squirrel Girl has one great power that’s extremely useful/powerful in one specific situation… her 9 AP purple power does more damage for each enemy protect, attack or strike tile on the board.  This makes her great against goons or Dark Avengers characters (like Bullseye and Daken) who make lots of special tiles.  SG’s green power is a little expensive at 11 AP — it creates 4 three-turn countdown tiles (at 5 covers) that deal damage when they go off but also destroy random basic tiles at the start of each turn.  Squirrel Girl’s yellow power is almost never useful.  For 9 AP it creates 3 protect tiles (that are stronger if the enemy has 80% or more health)… and then ends the turn.  Very rarely will you want to fire a power that ends the turn, since you’re missing out on the AP you’d get from your next match.
  42. Psylocke (Classic). Psylocke has two decent attacks and one completely useless power.  Her 8 AP red power does decent damage, creates a decent strength red strike tile and actually costs less whenever fewer than 3 red strike tiles are on the board (down to a minimum cost of 5).  Her 6 AP black does okay damage as well and also creates a nicely powered attack tile (which goes well with the strike tiles her red creates).  If Psylocke had a decent third power, she’d be a lot higher on this list, but her third power is a 10 AP blue power that creates a countdown tile.  If that countdown tile goes off (and isn’t matched away before it goes off), it then steals a whole bunch of AP (15 AP at 3 covers, 19 AP at 5 covers) from the color the enemy has the most of.  You better hope you can actually use that color, because if the enemy has a whole lot of it, chances are it was a color they couldn’t actually use, so stealing it from them did pretty much nothing to slow them down.
  43. The Punisher (Dark Reign).  Punisher has one great power: his 8 AP red can down any enemy as long as they are below a certain percentage of health (30% at 3 covers, 40% at 5 covers), making him great for boss events.  His other two powers, however, appear to be made to cancel each other out.  His 7 AP black does some enemy team damage and then creates a countdown tile that goes off every 2 turns, creating an attack tile.  While his 8 AP green destroys a random section of the board, destroying any friendly special tiles that may have been generated there by him previously, and then creates some strike tiles (which again may get destroyed the next time he fires his green).
  44. Sentry (Dark Avengers). Do you like spending a lot of AP to damage your teammates along with the enemy team, or damage one of your characters to create a strike tile (with no ability to heal)?  Then Sentry is the character for you.  His fairly expensive 11 AP red and 12 AP green powers both do damage to both the enemy and allies; his red does it right away and his green does it after a bunch of countdown tiles go off.  Sentry’s yellow at least creates a ridiculously strong strike tile while doing damage to just Sentry, so there’s that.