Character Rankings: 2*

Start the game recently and get a 2*?  If you’re looking for which 2*s to focus on first, you’ve come to the right place.  Once you leave the 2* tier, you will end up getting so many 2* covers that it will start making sense to farm them for champion rewards.  But until that point, it’s best to focus on the 2*s that will be most useful.

Here’s a ranking of the thirteen 2* characters currently in the game, from best to worst.

Characters in Tokens:

  1. Black Widow (Original). Commonly referred to on the forums and Reddit by the acronym OBW, Black Widow is a longtime favorite of the online MPQ community and there are quite a few reasons why.  Even now, with over 130 characters in the game OBW carves a unique spot for herself as the only character able to steal large amounts of different color AP at once, increase enemy countdown tiles and burst heal her team. She doesn’t have a lot of health, but if you play her right with the burst healing it doesn’t really matter. She is easily the one 2* character that continues to matter well after you leave the tier, and is one of the best characters in the game, period.
  2. Storm (Classic). Another character with a small amount of health, Storm’s best power — her blue — has a super-strong (for the 2* tier) AOE (Area of Effect, or enemy team damage) combined with a long, single-target 4-turn stun.  As long as she survives the battle (she maxes out at just 3,552 health points) for you to gather 11 blue AP she can single-handedly take down enemy teams herself. Her green is also a great AP-generating power, gaining more AP and causing damage for each green AP you have.
  3. Magneto (Marvel NOW!). Magneto’s arguably most useful power is his purple — which is the only blue- and red-generating power in the 2* tier.  At five covers it allows you to select three basic tiles to convert them to blue, and also creates 5 red tiles.  This allows you to set up some 5-matches and get some critical tiles, as well as generating blue for either OBW or Storm.  When combined with fellow 2* teammates Storm and Thor, Magneto becomes part of the trio commonly known online as Stormneto… you chase purple, which Magneto uses to generate blue and red for Storm and Thor, kicking off Storm’s green when you can for even more AP generation.  If you’re using Magneto (a.k.a. Mags) without Thor, then feel free to utilize Mags’ red power, which at either 4 or 5 covers is creating a 1-turn countdown tile that destroys a 3×3 block and does a decent amount of damage.  With that short of a countdown it’s pretty likely to go off without getting matched away.
  4. Thor (Marvel NOW!). Thor is what we call a tank — a character with a ton of health and lots of power.  He also self-accelerates, where each power feeds into another power.  His red generates yellow tiles, which feed his yellow power.  His yellow power generates green tiles, which feed his green power.  The most bang-for-the-AP with 2* Thor is to focus on his red and yellow; leave the green for the numerous other green AP users in this tier (Storm, Ares, Human Torch, Wolverine).
  5. Ares (Dark Avengers). Ares is another tank, with three great powers.  His green is one of the few powers in the game that is more powerful with the more AP you have when you fire it.  4* Iron Man (Hulkbuster)’s red is similar — you get a straight damage per AP amount and it’s up to you to calculate how much damage it will actually do to the enemy (a long-requested feature is for the game to actually tell us that total amount).  The only catch with Ares’ green is that when you fire it you actually give 1 green AP to the enemy for every 2 green AP you consume… so it’s best to use the power to take out the last big green user on the enemy team so the enemy can’t do anything with the green once you give it to them.  Ares’ red does nice AOE (enemy team) damage which gets a boost if Ares is below a certain percentage of his health (25% at 3 & 4 covers, 30% at 5 covers).  And Ares’ yellow takes a little planning but does a lot of damage.  You’re best to fire it when there aren’t a lot of yellow matches on the board and when you’re not going to end the fight before the countdown tile goes off (if you do, then Ares does not heal).
  6. Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel).  Ms. Marvel has three very useful powers for a 2*: her red deals damage and destroys enemy protect tiles, her black does enemy team damage, and her yellow spams the board with team-up tiles, often generating matches.  Ms. Marvel’s black is the only active black power in the 2* tier without any limitations.  And her yellow is one of just three active yellow powers in the tier (Ares’ is the only other usable active yellow; Steve Rogers’ yellow is rarely if ever used).
  7. Human Torch (Johnny Storm). Johnny’s best powers are red and green.  His red costs just 8 AP and destroys 2 red tiles… giving you the AP for those 2 tiles.  So it’s like 8 AP with a 2 AP instant rebate, for an effective 6 AP.  It’s fairly quick to generate another 6 AP (just two red matches) and it does decent damage.  Torch’s green is best used when he is the only green user on your team.  Set down his countdown tile, collect green AP and let the countdown go off every turn for some easy damage. Johnny also has one of the few black powers in the 2* tier, and it’s decent, creating some fairly strong attack tiles, but its limitations make it the weakest of his 3 powers.  The attack tiles are always placed on the same basic tiles in a circle pattern near the center of the board — if special tiles or team-up tiles already exist in those places, Torch just won’t place an attack tile there.  And to top it off, firing his black reduces your blue, purple and yellow AP by 30%.
  8. Daken (Dark Avengers). One of only two true-healing characters in the 2* tier (which actually regenerates his health, as opposed to the burst healing that OBW does that goes away at the end of a battle), Daken is an important character to play whenever you are looking to conserve health packs.  His healing depends on the number of blue tiles out on the board, and you need blue to fire his only attack power, so there’s a bit of balance involved in playing Daken.  If you don’t mind him taking damage you can just keep matching blue and attacking, but if he’s low on health you’ll want to try to keep blue tiles on the board.  His purple passive, which creates red strike tiles every time you make a green match, it’s arguably his most useful power.  Even if he just sits around making strike tiles, every match you make after that is more powerful, and you haven’t spent any AP to do it.
  9. Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men). The other true-healing 2*, Wolverine is a great partner for Daken, as you chase green for Wolvie, Daken is automatically creating strike tiles for you.  His yellow true heals him whenever his health goes below 50% and he makes a yellow match.  His red is expensive — 12 AP — but very powerful if you’re able to fire it, especially if he’s boosted.
  10. Steve Rogers (Captain America). Good old, trusty Captain America will never let you down.  While his yellow is so expensive (19 AP) you will likely never fire it, at cover level 5 his red and blue return 10 AP with their countdown tiles and can turn any tile on the board into a countdown tile for Cap.  Get them going and you can keep firing his red and blue powers over and over again, doing damage and stunning each member of the enemy team.
  11. Hawkeye (Modern). A countdown tile specialist.  If you like gathering AP, firing a power and waiting a few turns for the power to hopefully activate (as long as the countdown isn’t matched away), then Hawkeye is for you.  Arguably, his most fun power is his purple passive, which creates countdown tiles that generate damage any time your team makes a 5-match.  But since most of the time you won’t be creating a match-5, this power often goes unused.
  12. Moonstone (Dark Avengers).  One of the Dark Avengers that can sometimes be annoying to fight, but not very fun to play.  Her purple is only useful if your enemy has no special tiles on the board — when there are no enemy tiles, her purple does decent damage.  When there are enemy tiles, it just randomly moves one of those tiles to another position on the board.  Sometimes it means you can then match it away, but more often it means you spent 8 purple AP for no reason.  Her red power seems like it could be powerful, but it’s only powerful when there are a lot of red tiles on the board — and if you’ve been collecting red to fire it off, chances are there aren’t many red tiles left.  Moonstone’s black is arguably her best power, and is the only 2* that allows you to steal enemy tiles.  For 9 AP she steal attack or protect tiles at 3 covers, or attack, protect or strike tiles when at 5 covers.  Interesting historical note: way back when, Moonstone’s black used to cost a whopping 17 AP and would steal an enemy’s countdown tile.  The high price made it hard to fire off, but could have some really interesting effects.  In May 2015 she was reworked and the developers announced she was changing as the power was situational and complicated for a 2*, and as more countdown tiles entered the game, they always had to think about what would happen if Moonstone would steal them.
  13. Bullseye (Dark Avengers). Like Moonstone, Bullseye can be annoying to fight and seems like he should be a whole lot better than he is when you play him.  His purple passive, generating protect tiles whenever either team makes a purple match, can save your team a little damage.  His black is so expensive — 18 AP — that most battles will be over long before you gather up that much AP.  But if you do, it creates 1 or 2 critical tiles (depending on whether it’s at 3 covers or 5 covers), and if you can somehow coordinate it so he has a magical number of critical tiles on the board at the same time, he does massive damage.  His green power is a copy of 3* Bullseye’s green power, and was added to 2* Bullseye when the 3* version came out.  It can be a useful power to get rid of basic tiles and make some matches, but at 11 AP it’s just a little too expensive to fire very often, so you’ll likely only fire it once or twice a battle.

Characters Not in Tokens:

There is only one 2* character that is not currently in tokens.  He’s listed as “Limited!” in your roster and currently the only way to obtain covers is by randomly winning him as a reward for a PVP (Versus) battle win:

  1. Spider-Man (Bag-Man).  A long time ago, Bag-Man was just another 2* character, obtainable in tokens like all the other 2*s.  But he was so hated by the player base and declared so useless that the developers yanked him from tokens and made him nearly impossible to obtain.  Today he still exists, but as a joke character to most.   To the few who have chosen to roster him, his powers have actually started to become relevant in today’s MPQ landscape.  His purple power is expensive, at 13 AP, but at 4 covers allows you to swap any colored tile (including special tiles), allowing you to manipulate the board considerably.  At 5 covers it changes to two pairs of any tile, but it then costs 18 AP.  His blue power locks tiles for 9 AP at cover level one, but increases by 2 AP with each cover level; the locked tiles get their effects taken away (e.g., countdowns stop counting down, attack tiles don’t attack) and get their powers back if they’re matched or destroyed.  His yellow power is one of the most unique in the game — for 7 AP he can increase the timer on select countdown tiles (the number of tiles increases with cover levels), and those countdowns can be either the enemy’s or yours.  With so many countdown-generated characters in the game today (and some of them having very powerful effects the longer they’re on the board, like Thanos’s purple) little Bag-Man’s yellow suddenly becomes relevant.