Character Rankings: 1*

Just started the game and wondering which 1* characters are worth leveling up and keeping?  Well wonder no more…

Characters in Tokens:

Here’s a ranking of the seven 1* characters currently available in tokens in the game, from best to worst.

  1. Juggernaut (Classic). It may seem counterintuitive, because one of his two powers damages himself, but both powers are so cheap your battles will usually be over quickly.  His green power costs just 6 AP and destroys 16 random tiles when at 5 covers, giving you lots of board shake and usually generating some matches (and with those matches, damage and AP). His red, again for just 6 AP, deals 1100 damage to the enemy when he’s maxed out at level 40, and does 550 damage to himself — which isn’t that bad since he has 3,520 health points at that level. After you leave the 1* tier, you will want to keep at least one 1* character on your roster, as one is required for Deadpool’s Daily Quest (DDQ).  Juggernaut is a very popular choice for that one 1*, simply because of his speed.
  2. Spider-Man (Original). 1* Spider-Man did not exist for the first two years of MPQ’s existence, so there are many longtime players who really don’t have much experience with him.  Anyone who does play with 1* Spidey soon finds that he is incredibly fun.  He has a cheap stun at 6 blue AP (which his blue is at 5 covers), does damage with his red (which gets better with the more web tiles he has on the board) and for 8 purple AP he puts 2 or more critical tiles on the board, which are super-powerful against 1*-level opponents.
  3. Iron Man (Model 35). The first character every new Marvel Puzzle Quest player receives, Iron Man (Model 35) — or IM35 for short — is a straightforward, easy to play character.  His red and yellow are easily his best powers, at 10 AP and 8 AP, respectively.  His red Repulsor Blast does straight damage to his target and his yellow Armored Assault creates protect tiles and then does damage, with the number of protect tiles increasing as covers are applied.  His blue at a whopping 19 AP, is so expensive you will pretty much never fire it, but if you ever do it stuns the target and does damage.
  4. Storm (Modern).  Storm is an effective AP generator and board shaker (her green Lightning Strike shakes up the board and gathers AP and her yellow power destroys team-up tiles and gathers TU AP) , with a unique ability to create a whole lot of attack tiles with her black.   Once you get to the 3* tier, you will find that 3* Storm seems mighty familiar… she’s actually an exact copy of the 1* version, with more health and damage points.
  5. Hawkeye (Classic).  Hawkeye has the least amount of health (just 1320) of all the characters, but that kind of makes sense, as he’s just a regular guy with a bow and arrow.  His powers are unique, with his 8 AP purple power changing a selected tile into a critical tile, and his 11 AP red power destroying a row.  His red Arrow Stab can be very handy in getting rid of enemy special tiles.
  6. Black Widow (Modern). Black Widow’s star power is by far her 9 AP blue power, which until 1* Spider-Man came along was the only stun power in the tier.  At 9 AP it’s still very nice, as even at 1 cover it’s stunning its target for one turn, and at 5 covers stuns the target for 5 turns plus all other enemies for one turn.  Her purple power steals enemy AP, but costs so much (15 AP at five covers) it’s hard to fire it more than once in a battle, which isn’t helped by the fact that she has the second-lowest health pool in the tier (1540, tied with Yelena Belova).
  7. Venom (Dark Avengers).  A once-great character that has been nerfed (reduced in power by the developers) numerous times over the years, Venom is a faint shadow of his former self.  His black currently does straight damage, with a little more damage if a certain number of web tiles were on the board… when he first started out he used to be able to take down any enemy or even the entire enemy team if you had enough covers and web tiles on the board.  Likewise his purple power used to stun the entire enemy team at five covers for just 10 AP; today at five covers he stuns just one enemy for one turn.

Characters Not in Tokens:

There is only one 1* character that is not currently in tokens.  She’s listed as “Limited!” in your roster and currently the only way to obtain covers is by randomly winning her as a reward for a PVP (Versus) battle win:

  1. Yelena Belova (Dark Avengers).  Yelena’s purple power starts out at an expensive 13 AP and actually goes up from there… going to 15 AP at two covers, 16 AP at 3 covers, 18 AP at 4 covers and 19 AP at 5 covers.  She steals AP at all cover levels and just steals more AP and more colors as covers are applied, along with a minimal amount of damage.  Her black creates critical tiles, which would be great if it cost less than 13 AP to fire.  In addition to her expensive AP costs, she has very little health (1540 at level 40), which makes it even more difficult to gather the pile of AP she needs in order to fire her powers.