New Feature Coming: Supports

As R150 hits app stores Tuesday, April 10, a brand new feature is coming with it.  The feature is called Supports, and the D3 forums have been updated with a post announcing the feature, and another one giving some details on how you obtain them.

Here’s a rundown of some details that have been revealed:

  • Supports are items that you can equip to 3* or higher characters for a minimum of two hours at a time
  • Everyone with a 3* or higher character on their roster will receive a few Supports and a new currency, Red Iso-8 when they first launch R150
  • Red Iso-8 is used to level up Supports
  • Some Supports can only be equipped to certain types of characters (e.g., Heroes, Villains, X-Men, Guardians of the Galaxy, Spider-Verse characters)
  • You can only own one copy of a Support — if you get that same one again and it’s a higher rank (they go from ranks 1 to 5) then your Support will be upgraded to that higher rank; if it’s a lower or equal rank you will receive Red Iso-8 (the amount you receive is dependent on the rank of the duplicate Support)
  • Supports will initially only work in Story mode (PVE)
  • There will be a Support Store where you can redeem Support tokens to get new Supports
  • At launch, Supports will not give XP



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