Shuri Arrives in MPQ

All sorts of Marvel Puzzle Quest news here in the last day… As promised in the article for 4* Black Panther, the next new 4* in MPQ is Black Panther’s sister, Shuri (Master Engineer).  Her Piecing Together article on went up yesterday.

Shuri arrived in the game this morning with two events: Fight for Wakanda (in tokens and as a placement reward) and SHIELD Training.  SHIELD Training normally requires a level 209 version of the most recently released character — but since that would be 4* Black Panther and he was just released two weeks ago and isn’t in tokens yet, instead the required characters are the 4* versions of Jean Grey, Ghost Rider and Mr. Fantastic.  That’s great news for long-time/advanced 4* players, since that means they can actually finish SHIELD Training this time, which rewards a random cover for Shuri in the last node.


Fight for Wakanda has been updated for this run, according to a post on the forum:

  • The event is now four days long, with a new Sub-Chapter added along with new dialogue.
  • Join Forces missions that unlock new Sub-Chapters will now disappear after their Sub-Chapter concludes.
  • Hazard tiles have been updated:
    • Exploding Tech Deals damage only to the character in front, for both the player and the enemy, instead of the entire team.  Damage has also been reduced.
    • Vibranium Mines Destroys 2 Random AP from both the player and the enemy, when the Countdown tile activates.  It no longer destroys AP each turn.

Shuri’s PVP event will begin Feb. 25, following the Daredevil PVP event that will start up later today.  The 900 progression reward will be a red cover for Shuri.

Here’s a quick rundown of Shuri’s powers, from the article:

Her first ability is called Vibranium Tech which is a passive Blue Power. For this ability she uses the Fortified tiles on the board to increase the cost of AP for their powers while lowering the cost of friendly powers. At power level 5 level 270, this means 5 Fortified tiles on the board will cause enemy powers to cost 3 AP more, while friendly powers will cost 3 AP less to a minimum of 3.

Her next power uses the Twin Blasters seen in “Black Panther.” This power costs 11 Green AP to deal damage and destroy random tiles. If the destroyed tiles contain a Fortified tile, the enemy is stunned for a few turns, destroyed tiles deal damage but do not generate AP.

Her last power is called Vibranium Virtuoso and it costs 8 Red AP. For this power, Shuri fortifies friendly special or basic tiles and removes a random enemy Fortified special tile. Whenever the player matches a Fortified tile, this power passively deals additional damage.

One note to make is that when Shuri counts fortified tiles for her blue passive, it’s all fortified tiles on the board — whether they have friendly or enemy special tiles, or are just basic tiles.  Fortified tiles can’t be “owned” — they’re like web tiles or charged tiles in that respect.

The event following Fight for Wakanda will be the 7-day-long Prodigal Sun, beginning Feb. 26.  Shuri will be the required four-star, and with seven day events, for higher SHIELD Clearance Levels that means people hitting progression will get two covers for Shuri.

The boosted characters for both Fight for Wakanda and Prodigal Sun were announced yesterday in an update to the February Sneak Peek:

  • 4-Star: Venom (Agent Venom), Kingpin, Peggy Carter, Sam Wilson (Captain America), Spider-Woman
  • 3-Star: Black Widow (Grey Suit), Captain Marvel (Modern), Human Torch (Classic), She-Hulk, Star-Lord (Peter Quill)
  • 2-Star: Daken (Dark Avengers), Wolverine (Astonishing X-Men)
  • 1-Star: Iron Man (Model 35), Storm (Modern)

The Upcoming Events and Weekly Buffed Characters pages have been updated accordingly.

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