New Character and Event Incoming: 4* Black Panther and the Fight for Wakanda

Big news just posted on the official D3 forums. We now have details on the mystery event that has been teasing us on the story events tab along with who the reward for that event will be.

The event is the Battle for Wakanda, a brand new event that revolves around H.A.M.M.E.R. and Ultron attacking Wakanda. It is a 3×24 event (3 different 24-hour sub events) that will feature three different type of hazards that should add a unique element to the gameplay for this event:

  • Exploding Tech – Creates dangerous blasts that harms both allies and enemies.
  • Royal Shield – Helps allies, but can also turn the tide in the enemy‚Äôs favor.
  • Collapsing Mine – Makes it harder to defeat the enemy

Additionally, a new 4* T’Challa character named “Black Panther (King of Wakanda)” will be the placement reward for the event. We’ve been given details about his powers which include active yellow, red and blue abilities that revolve around dealing damage along with buffing and creating special tiles. Pending numbers, he looks like an interesting companion for special tile heavy teams.

This new Black Panther will also be available as a progression reward in Venom Bomb and as a reward in his versus event “Wakanda Forever” – both of which start on February 11th.

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