Upcoming Events: Quicksilver & Star-Lord PVP Events

The January Sneak Peek post on the forums has been updated, the MPQtips.com Upcoming Events page has been updated accordingly.  Here’s a look at what changed…

The next two PVP events have been revealed.  Following the current Spider-Man PVP will be Blue Shift, Quicksilver’s PVP event.  The 900 progression reward will be a yellow Kingpin cover.  This is a little unusual — based on the rewards from the Spider-Man event this should have been a red Spider-Woman cover, but putting Kingpin in as the progression reward fits in with the recent update that Kingpin champion levels now give out 5* Daredevil covers.

After the Quicksilver PVP event will be Hooked on a Feeling, 3* Star-Lord’s event.  The 900 point progression reward will be a rather appropriate red 4* Star-Lord cover.  Placement rewards for Star-Lord’s event indicate that the next PVP will have a Thing progression reward and the event will be for Steve Rogers (Super Soldier), but of course that could potentially change (like the Spider-Woman cover changed to Kingpin).

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