Upcoming Events: Thanos PVP, Honor Among Thieves & Buffed Characters

The January Sneak Peek on the D3 forums was updated on Friday.  The MPQtips.com Upcoming Events and Weekly Buffed Characters pages have been updated accordingly.  Here’s a look at what’s coming…

In PVP, the event following Kraven’s debut PVP will be 3* Thanos, with a purple Sandman cover at 900 progression.  Based on the event rewards, it looks like the next PVP will be 3* Spider-Man.

In PVE, after Webbed Wonder will be a 4-day version of Honor Among Thieves.  Featured characters will be 5* Thor, Mockingbird, Hawkguy and 2* Magneto.  Placement rewards (and expected featured characters for the following event) will be Kingpin, 3* Cyclops and 2* Wolverine.

The Buffed Characters for the week of 1/18/18 – 1/25/18 have been revealed as well.  Here’s a look:

  • 4-Star: Cyclops (Classic), Rogue, Sandman, Spider-Gwen, Star-Lord (Legendary Outlaw)
  • 3-Star: Colossus, Mystique, Psylocke, Quicksilver, Ragnarok
  • 2-Star: Black Widow (Original), Magneto (Marvel NOW!)
  • 1-Star: Iron Man (Model 35), Venom (Dark Avengers)

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