New Character Incoming: Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff)

The mystery release for this weekend’s Hearts of Darkness event will be Kraven the Hunter. His full numbers have been posted in the Character Details forum as well.

Kraven’s usefulness will depend very heavily on the numbers we’re provided but he seems to be a character best used as a counter to teams that rely heavily on special tiles (since his purple passively reduces their strength). He appears to be a hard counter to Rocket & Groot or Carnage teams since he deals damage and reduces special tile strength if the enemy has 5 or more special tiles.

His black will create countdowns that destroys AP in both the enemy and his own team’s strongest color then deal damage for each AP destroyed, which can work while on teams where their strongest color is a passive color. At 5 covers and with all of the conditions met, it’s not a damage return but it requires your 1-turn countdown to survive, your enemy having 3 AP in their strongest color and your team having 3 AP in your strongest color. It’s not a bad power, just a bit convoluted for a good but not great return.

His blue is a very interesting trap tile power that will steal AP in random colors as long as it exists and when it’s matched (not specified if it matters which team matches it) will deal damage as well as convert basic tiles to his team’s strongest color (which wouldn’t work all that great on teams where their strongest color is a passive color!). The numbers we are provided make this out to be a pretty unspectacular power. At 5 covers at level 270, it will only steal a single random AP while the trap tile exists and if it’s matched it’ll deal a paltry 1,469 damage to the enemy and convert 4 basic tiles to your strongest color. That’s not a fantastic return for 10 blue AP.

We’ll see what we can learn once we get his hands on him in S.H.I.E.L.D. Training and once he’s an essential!

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