Upcoming Events: Hearts of Darkness, S.H.I.E.L.D. Training and a Mystery Release

The early week Sneak Peek update has been posted as we lead up into the new season.

Speaking of the new season, the first Versus Event we can expect is 3* Blade’s High Stakes event that offers 4* Sam Wilson’s yellow as a progression reward at 900. The placement rewards will be a new 4* release and 3* Thor.

Hearts of Darkness is coming as well, this time it will be the 4 day variant (48/24/24) and will also reward the mystery 4* release as its placement reward. The essentials for the event will be 5* Doctor Strange, 4* Deadpool, 3* Beast and 2* Storm. The placement rewards will be the aforementioned 4* release, 3* Deadpool and 2* Moonstone.

There will also be a S.H.I.E.L.D. training that features the new release and the other 4* essentials for it will be America Chavez, The Thing and Ant-Man.

Additionally, our the new boost list was provided for the start of the season and the release event:

  • 4-Star: Gwenpool, The Hulk (Totally Awesome), Kate Bishop, Riri Williams, Wasp
  • 3-Star: Beast, Sam Wilson (Falcon), Gambit (Modern), Luke Cage (Hero for Hire), Thor (Modern)
  • 2-Star: Daken (Dark Avengers), Storm (Classic)
  • 1-Star: Black Widow (Modern), Hawkeye (Classic)

We should know within the next day or two who our new character is and we’ll provide all the information we can once we know!

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