Upcoming Events: Strange Sights, Black Vortex & BFF

The January Sneak Peek on the D3 forums has been updated by Brigby, and the MPQtips.com Upcoming Events page has been updated accordingly.  Here’s a look at what’s coming up…

In PVE, the next Story event will be Strange Sights.  This event will mark Archangel’s first turn as the essential 5*.  The other essential characters this event will be Cloak & Dagger, Blade, and Human Torch.  The placement rewards (and expected essentials for the next event) will be 4* Deadpool, Beast, and Storm.

In PVP the events for the off-season will be Black Vortex (with a blue Rocket & Groot at 900) and Best Friends Forever (with a red Rogue at 900).  They’ve also announced a few new boosted characters for Best Friends Forever: Star-Lord (Awesome Mix Volume 2), Yondu, Black Bolt, Lockjaw, and Cloak & Dagger.


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