Sandman’s Champion Rewards Updated

Big news in the developing revamping of the 4* champion rewards for characters to provide specific 5* covers.

Sandman is next on the list to have his rewards updated and give out retroactive 5* covers for those who have passed the level thresholds required. He will be giving out Green Goblin (Norman Osborn) covers after the patch starting on Wednesday.

This will bring the grand total of 4* characters that provide 5* covers to four. We know that the goal of these changes are to bring new ways for players to obtain classic legend 5* character covers so it is no surprise that all four of the current 5* characters whose covers are rewarded are classic 5* characters. The first iteration of these rewards occurred  the day that Spider-Man (Peter Parker) moved from latest legendary tokens to classic legendary tokens. There’s reason to believe that on January 1st, when Daredevil is expecting to move from latest to classic, that this move will be accompanied with a 4* character having their rewards updated to give his covers.

Additionally, to date all of the 4* characters who have revised rewards were characters that spent a long time in tokens either being non-vaulted before the vintage heroes were reintroduced or party of the “Latest 12” who have their odds increased to 3x. Patterns are emerging and so far it looks like L12 characters will continue to be assigned new champion rewards that make thematic sense. 5* Daredevil will be the first character whose most obvious thematic match, 4* Elektra, will not have qualified as being in L12 or unvaulted. If either 4* Luke Cage or 4* Iron Fist are the one chosen to provide his covers, that will be further evidence that vintage 4* characters may not be updated for awhile.


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