Soul Gem Season Updates: Gambit Changes

D3 has posted the list of Soul Gem Season Updates, and they’ve got changes to two characters on the way…

First up, for token changes, The Hulk (The Main Event) and Nico (Runaways) will be entering Latest 4-Star status, and Agent Coulson (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.) and Iron Fist (Danny Rand) will be entering Vintage 4-Star status.

Secondly, there is a long “Word from the Developers” section about how they don’t generally like changing characters but for the health of the game they need to make some changes to Gambit.  They looked at Versus win rates (on both offense and defense), character usage rates (relative to ownership), and outcomes in Story missions, and found “we had enough data telling us we needed to change both 3-Star and 5-Star Gambit sooner, rather than later.”

The changes only have to do with 3* and 5* Gambit’s black power, Stacked Deck.

For 3* Gambit, it’s changing completely so it is no longer a passive power.  It now costs 5 black AP and creates 2 red and purple charged tiles, and then deals damage to both the enemy and your team.

For 5* Gambit, his black is remaining a passive but will generate less AP each turn: “Gambit’s allies can not activate Red or Purple powers (even if Gambit doesn’t have any power levels in his Red or Purple powers). Gambit only generates 2 Red and Purple AP at
power level 5, instead of 3. Gambit now destroys random Enemy AP (2 at power level 4).”

Also coming with Soul Gem Season will be Clearance Level 9 in Versus events.  Additionally, they are (finally) adding in minimum and maximum SHIELD ranks for entering the clearance levels.  Here are the ranges:

  1. Rank 1 through 14
  2. Rank 7 through 19
  3. Rank 10 through 26
  4. Rank 15 through 31
  5. Rank 20 through 46
  6. Rank 27 through 68
  7. Rank 32 and higher
  8. Rank 47 and higher
  9. Rank 65 and higher

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