Upcoming Events: Offseason Versus Events and The Hunt

Rounding out the Reality Season, we’ve been given what to expect for the next few events in an updated December Sneak Peek thread.

Beginning with the Versus Events, the two seasons we’ll have in the offseason are Nefarious Foes and Earth’s Mighestest. Nefarious Foes has a list of villains boosted and will reward a Loki cover at 800 and a Mordo cover at 900. Its placement rewards will be Mr. Fantastic and Vision. Earth’s Mightest, which has a list of Avengers boosted, will award Vision and Mr. Fantastic in progression while giving Nick Fury and Squirrel Girl covers in placement.

For Story Events, the event after Deadpool Vs MPQ will be The Hunt. As CJGibson pointed out on Discord, The Hunt involves looking for and rescuing Nick Fury which will take a lot of suspension of disbelief for players since he’s an essential this time around. The essentials for The Hunt will be 5* Daredevil, Nick Fury, Scarlet Witch and 2* Hawkeye. The placement rewards will be Vulture, 3* Luke Cage and 2* Daken.

The Hunt will take us into next Thursday’s event which, given the hint at a new release we received in the patch notes, looks to be a new release event. We’re due a 5* release so it could be an alliance event which is something we haven’t had since Gambit’s release.

We’ll keep you updated as we learn more of what to expect!

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