Pre-Release Notes: R141

The D3 forums have posted the Pre-Release Notes for R141 and there are some exciting changes coming…

People who play MPQ a considerable amount may be excited about this, an often-requested feature on the forums:

  • Character animations can now be turned off by deselecting the Character Effects checkbox in the Options menu.

Some more UI enhancements are coming to mobile:

  • The top portion of the battle screen is no longer scrollable
  • A button has been added to the enemy side to help toggle between what character is in the front position
  • The crosses that indicate character health have been replaced with a more readable health bar
  • The AP Bar will now display the AP received, when it is gained by a Passive power.

Additionally we have a clue for the next character:

“Treading the line between light and dark”

There’s also one enhancement and one known issue:

  • Reduced loading for new players on iOS devices
  • Known Issue: Nightcrawler’s allies sometimes take increased damage when team damage is dealt to his team.

New releases generally appear in the various App Stores (Apple, Google, Steam, etc.) the Monday or Tuesday after the Pre-Release Notes are posted.

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