Upcoming Events: Strange Sights & Unstable Iso-8

Brigby has updated the November Sneak Peek post on the forums.  The MPQtips.com Upcoming Events page has been updated accordingly.  Here’s a look at what’s coming…

in PVP, Iron Fist will be the next event (following the currently running Wolverine PVP), which will be the last PVP of the Time Season.  YOu can earn a red Red Hulk cover at 40 wins in Iron Fist’s event.  After that, the first off-season event will be Balance of Power, where you can earn a green Riri Williams cover at 40 wins.

In Story mode, the next event will be Strange Sights, with essential characters of 5* Gambit, Agent Coulson, 3* Wolverine and 2* Human Torch.  After that will be Unstable Iso-8, with essential characters of 5* Iron Man (Mark XLVI), 4* Elektra, 3* Spider-man, and 2* Bullseye.  Placement rewards for Unstable are Kate Bishop, Iron Man (Model 40), and Storm (Classic), meaning they will likely be the essential characters for the following story event.

The next weekly buff list has also been revealed, and the MPQtips.com Buffed Characters page has been updated accordingly.  Here’s a quick look at the boost list:

  • 4-Star: Ant-Man, Jean Grey (All-New X-Men), Moon Knight, Mr. Fantastic, Quake
  • 3-Star: Beast, Sam Wilson (Falcon), Gambit (Modern), Luke Cage (Hero for Hire), Mystique
  • 2-Star: Bullseye (Dark Avengers), Human Torch (Johnny Storm)
  • 1-Star: Iron Man (Model 35), Venom (Dark Avengers)


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