SHIELD Ranks and XP Changes Coming

Brigby posted some big news about SHIELD Ranks and XP changes on the forum last night.  Here’s a look at the highlights:

  • The max SHIELD Rank has been increased from 125 to 200
  • XP will now only be earned by applying covers and rostering characters (the amount of XP for doing these activities has also been increased)
  • If you are already at Rank 125, you will be earning XP retroactively for the activities you’ve done since reaching that rank
  • The change will go into effect with a data push during the day on Thursday, Nov. 9

D3/Demiurge explained that the reason for the big change is to try to make SHIELD Rank more representative of roster strength going forward.  Many of the activities that used to provide XP really just showed how much time one plays the game.  Those activities (clearing Story missions, playing PVP battles, opening packs and sending team-ups) will now no longer earn XP.

Here is a table that shows the new XP amounts that will be able to be earned starting Thursday:

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