Upcoming Events: Enemy of the State and the November Sneak Peek

Brigby has posted the November Sneak Peek thread on the D3 forums so we know what’s in store for the next week or so.  The MPQtips.com Upcoming Events page has also been updated accordingly.

The biggest news is the next event that’s coming our way is Enemy of the State, a 7 day long event. There was a lot of speculation that expected an alliance event to coincide with the Thor: Ragnarok release but chances are  we’ll have that next Thursday once Enemy of the State concludes. Enemy of the State will feature 5-star Daredevil, 4-star Gamora, 3-star Storm and Ares as the essentials while rewarding Agent Coulson and 3-star Wolverine in placement.

During Enemy of the State, Sakaar Arena will begin its second run on November 3rd as well.

Other PvP events, in addition to the Sakaar Arena’s second run, will be Ghost Rider’s PvP that awards Ghost Rider as progression with Professor X and 3-star Hulk in placement. Following Ghost Rider’s PvP will be 3-star Hulk’s that features Professor X in progression with 4-star Punisher and 3-star Falcon as placement rewards.

The boosted character list that starts on November 2nd is:

  • 4-Star: Cyclops (Classic), Luke Cage (Power Man), Mordo, Rogue, The Thing
  • 3-Star: Black Panther (T’Challa), Bullseye (Classic), The Hulk (Indestructible), The Punisher (Dark Reign), Thor (Modern)
  • 2-Star: Steve Rogers (Captain America), Captain Marvel (Ms. Marvel)
  • 1-Star: Black Widow (Modern), Storm (Modern)

The MPQtips.com Weekly Buffed Characters page has also been updated.

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