Thor (Gladiator) and Sakaar Arena PvP!

A lot of news hit over the last few days!

Over at, the Piecing Together: Thor (Gladiator) article was posted showing off the newest addition to the game: a Ragnarok inspired 5-star Thor Odinson. It’s tough to get a read on his skills based on the descriptions, but first impressions are his red and green powers appear to be high cost damage dealing powers while his yellow is slow to get going but a game changer if you can get both versions of it off. Check out the article for more information!

The more immediate news is the post regarding the Sakaar Arena, which will be our first chance to obtain the new Thor. This event will be 72 90-minute long events that will run similarly to Lightning Rounds but your individual bracket will only be 20 people and there will be a cumulative score leaderboard for rewards at the end of the event. We have the reward list for the event overall and it appears the individual events will have progression and placement rewards similar to what Lightning Rounds provide currently. Thor (Modern) is the loaner for the event, but any Thor can be used in his place so it appears that making a team around your strongest Thor is your best bet.

The Sakaar Arena event will provide tokens that give players a chance at getting anything from a 5-star (Thor, Dr. Strange and Bruce Banner, to be specific) down to a 2-star. These can only be obtained by playing in the Sakaar Arena PvP. To learn more, read Brigby’s post in the forums!

We will update as new strategies or information becomes available. Good luck in the arena!

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