5-Stars in Hero for Hire

Brigby just posted in the official forums about a significant upcoming change to the Hero for Hire store.

In summary, the 5-star essential in PvE events will be available to purchase  in the Hero for Hire store with CP throughout the duration of their PvE event. Characters in the latest legend tokens will be 500 CP while the classic 5-star characters will be 250 CP. Both of these purchases come with 50,000 iso as well. This is only a trial, but it should be noted that this is the first time individual 5-star covers have ever been made available for direct purchase.

Here are the full details:

  • 5-Star from Essential mission in the current Story Mission
  • Available during the entire duration of the event being run
  • A single cover is available
    • Starts with the first cover from the top, and cycles through them from top to bottom
  • Cover can be acquired with Command Points
    • 500 CP for Latest 5-Star
    • 250 CP for Classic 5-Star
  • Includes 50,000 Iso-8
  • Visible to players at S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 32 or higher

While it may take awhile to rotate to your character, I believe 250 CP for a classic 5-star is a bargain. The 500 CP for a latest is a bit tougher to swallow since you’re likely better off just purchasing 20 latest legends to attempt to get your character. The current ratio of latest to classics in PvE essential events is 3 latest, 2 classics then it starts over. Doing some rough math, it will take roughly 6 or so months to get through the current vintage hero’s first covers before we move onto their second cover. It may be a good idea to save up the CP needed to purchase the cover if you have an unfortunately covered 5-star.

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