Upcoming Events: Meet Rocket & Groot, Doctor PVPs, and Buffed Characters

The Sneak Peek post on the D3 forum has been updated with what’s to come.  The MPQtips.com Upcoming Events page has also been updated.  Here’s a look at the highlights…

In PVP, the next event after Nightcrawler will be Doctor Doom, with a blue 4* Nick Fury cover at 40 wins in progression.  After that the next PVP will be 3* Doctor Strange, with a black Nova cover in progression.  Based on the placement rewards, we expect the following Versus event will be 3* Cyclops with a Blue Peggy Carter cover.

In Story mode, the next event after the current Thick As Thieves will be a 3-day version of Meet Rocket & Groot.  The essential characters will be Green Goblin, Yondu, 3* Daredevil and 2* Captain Marvel.  Placement rewards (and essential for the next event) will be 4* Cyclops, 3* Thanos, and 2* Thor.

The weekly buffed characters for the upcoming week have also been announced, and the MPQtips.com Buffed Characters page has been updated accordingly.  Here’s a quick look at who will be boosted next:

(10/26/17 – 11/2/17) 

  • 4*: Kate Bishop, Riri Williams, Sandman, Spider-Gwen, Star-Lord (Legendary Outlaw)
  • 3*: Blade (Daywalker), Daredevil (Man Without Fear), The Hood, Squirrel Girl, Vision
  • 2*: Black Widow (Original), Moonstone
  • 1*: Hawkeye (Classic), Spider-Man (Original)

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