Time Gem Season Updates: Nick Fury and Psylocke Reworks and Win Based Progression

Brigby announced the new updates to the Time Gem Season on a thread in the official forums. Nick Fury and Psylocke will be reworked as follows:

Nick Fury (Director of S.H.I.E.L.D.) Update:

Avengers Assemble
Power now costs 10 Yellow AP (Down from 12). Each power level adds an additional Avenger without requiring additional AP.
No changes
Escape Plan
Power now costs 11 AP (down from 12). Initial damage has been increased while the amount of AP stolen, Strike tile strength and Countdown tile duration has been lowered.

Psylocke (Classic) Update:

Psychic Knife
Damage has been increased significantly. Strike tile strength has been increased.
Now steals 4 AP from the enemy’s strongest color pool. Increases the strength of 3 random Friendly Strike, Protect, or Attack tiles.
No Changes.

Nick Fury and Psylocke both certainly warrant reworks. Nick Fury had one truly decent power and it’s unchanged, thankfully, but we won’t know if it elevates him into a higher tier until we see numbers (should be sometime later this week). Same goes for Psylocke who was known for cheap, punchless powers and a blue that was expensive and hardly worth its cost. Her Psychic Knife change needs an increase to both its damage and strike tile strength, so that’s welcome, while her new Bewilder could synergize well with the inexpensive strike and attack tiles she can put out.

We’ll dive deeper into these changes once the numbers are posted later this week.

The other big change the Time Season introduces is that the progression rewards based on wins will be going live for this season. We are not sure if the wins required for the rewards have changed or if the 15 CP reward remains tied to placement. We’ll provide our analysis on this as well as these factors become clearer. Based on the last few structures that have been tested and ultimately went live, there’s reason to believe that the live version of the wins based progression will be very similar to the test versions.

Keep a lookout for a deeper dive into these character and PvP progression changes as more information becomes available.

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