New Character: Nightcrawler

The newest character in MPQ was officially announced today and it is the much anticipated, Nightcrawler!

He will be added to the game this Thursday, Oct. 19, as a 4* character.  A Piecing Together article is up on  Here’s a preview of his powers from the article:

Josh Austin: Nightcrawler’s first ability is called BAMF! And it costs 7 Purple AP. With a puff of smoke and brimstone, Nightcrawler teleports away from damage and into position to strike. This converts basic tiles to the color most present on the board. The ability also has a passive that triggers when the team would take damage causing Nightcrawler to go airborne instead of taking the damage.

His second ability is called En Garde! and it costs 9 Red AP. Time for the dual sabers and his superhuman agility! For this ability, Nightcrawler deals damage and if the player has enough AP in their strongest color based on the abilities level, then this power deals almost even more damage.

His last ability is called Everywhere At Once and it costs 12 Blue AP. For this ability, Nightcrawler leaps in and out of the shadows to confuse, to disarm and disorient his enemy. Deals damage for each point of AP the enemy has in their strongest color and destroys 4 AP in that pool.

Starting October 19th, Nightcrawler will be a placement reward in two events: Thick As Thieves and S.H.I.E.L.D. Training. He will be a featured character in The Hunt and a Versus Tournament called Fuzzy Elf, both of which start on October 22nd.


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