The X-Men vs. Apocalypse Tips & Team Ideas

Here’s a look at some tips and strategies to defeat Apocalypse in The X-Men vs. Apocalypse boss event. 

A few random tips regarding the event:

  • Apocalypse’s red power targets the character at the lowest level (not health, but actual level of the character), but if that character is airborne or invisible, it targets the next lowest level character.
  • If you lose a battle against Apocalypse and he still has Horsemen tiles out (so he heals back to full health at the end of the battle), you get 0 points… but you also get to play the boss battle again, just like you hadn’t played it.  So if it looks like there’s no chance you’ll win the battle, and Horsemen tiles are still on the board, you may want to retreat (your characters will take damage) so you can try the boss battle over again.

There are essentially two ways to take down Apocalypse:

  1. Save up AP for your powers and fire them all in one turn, downing him.
  2. Take out the four Horsemen tiles by accomplishing their various tasks (do a threshold of damage to him, gather enough AP of your strongest color, and get rid of all the attack tiles on the board).

If you’re going for strategy #1, you’re likely best off taking the strongest characters you have on your roster, collecting that AP, and firing powers before Apocalypse defeats your team.  Strategy #2 requires a little more planning and works best with specific characters.

The characters you pick will depend on where you’re at in the game; here are some suggestions for various rosters…

3* Players

  • Iron Fist/Luke Cage/Scarlet Witch: Scarlet Witch is generating purple for Iron Fist; IF’s purple is spreading black on the board (which works well to match Apocalypse’s Death countdown tiles, which spawn on black).  You want to build up black AP and take out Apocalypse in one turn with some combination of IF’s purple (after you have 12 black AP), Cage’s black, and if you gather it up, IF’s green and Cage’s yellow.
  • Iron Fist/Scarlet Witch/Cyclops: Like the previous team, SWitch is generating purple for Iron Fist, who generates black with his purple.  With this team you’re generating the black to use with 3* Cyclops.
  • IM40/Scarlet Witch/Grey Suit Black Widow: On this team Iron Man and Scarlet Witch are both feeding GSBW (green and purple).  Black Widow’s green and IM40’s red are the finishing moves; BW’s red can also get rid of attacks and countdowns if necessary.
  • Patch/Loki/Falcon: 3* Wolverine tanks damage for green, red & yellow.  You’ll want to gather black & blue — black for Loki’s Trickery, and blue for Falcon’s passive Redwing.  You’ll want Redwing up to at least 4 covers so it will eliminate both attack tiles and countdown tiles.
  • Cyclops/Scarlet Witch/Dr. Strange: If Scarlet Witch is the highest character on this team, she is passively generating the strongest color, purple.  That purple can then be used by Dr. Strange to get rid of attack tiles.  Cyclops is there to end Apocalypse with his red & black; Strange’s blue can also be used at that point as well.

4* Players

  • 4* Jean Grey/Scarlet Witch/?: In this team SW is acting as a purple-making battery for Teen Jean.  Jean’s purple power works wonderfully against Apocalypse, getting rid of attack tiles and countdown tiles.  Third character options include characters that use other colors, like 4* Cyclops, or characters that manipulate countdown tiles (such as Agent Coulson or Sam Wilson (Captain America), who both accellerate countdowns).  Since you will be using Jean Grey’s purple and not Scarlet Witch’s, she can be respec’ed to 3/5/5 — in this configuration her green has the chance to get rid of pesky Death countdown tiles as well.
  • Prof X/Scarlet Witch/?: Options for a third include 4* Cyclops and Mr. Fantastic — both of whom make great use of blue if Professor X happens to be your highest levelled character on the team (as your team’s strongest color is the one that generates when Prof. X makes critical tiles, which happen fairly frequently with Scarlet Witch’s countdown). If you’re aiming for this team and want to make the highest number of critical tiles, a recommended build for Professor X is 5/5/3 — it generates the least number of special tiles, which will otherwise clutter the board and make it more difficult to create match-5s.  A potential third on this team is Riri Williams.  If your team’s strongest color is blue, Prof X’s exploding heads feed Riri’s blue, which has the potential to make even more match-5s.
  • Scarlet Witch/Agent Coulson/Gwenpool: Scarlet Witch is generating purple, which can be used three different ways on this team.  If you need to generate other colors, use Coulson’s purple to swap (and charge) tiles.  Or you want to power up Gwenpool’s purple to clear out attack tiles or any other part of the board.  Or you can use boosted SWitch’s purple to end the battle, if you have Apocalypse down low enough.  Additionally, with just one enemy to fight, Gwenpool’s green does all of its random damage to Apocalypse.
  • Carol Danvers/Scarlet Witch/?: If boosted Scarlet Witch is your highest level character on this team, whenever Apocalypse makes a black match, it generates purple for your team, which can feed a strong purple-using character like Teen Jean or Gwenpool for board control.  Also Carol’s black packs quite the punch, even while unboosted.
  • Kate Bishop/Wasp/?: Kate Bishop’s blue is the star of the show; unboosted, champed Kate does around 10K damage with her blue and then her countdown prevents Apocalypse from healing for five turns.  Wasp’s yellow gets some strikes & protects out, and while you’re gathering that blue for Kate, Wasp’s That Buzzing Sound starts firing, generating AP.  The key to this team is making sure your team’s strongest color isn’t blue, so your third character could be anyone higher than Kate or boosted with another color as their strongest color.
  • Rogue/Cloak & Dagger/3* Iron Fist: This team is all about Rogue’s green power, and using it to turn into her passive Siphon power, which targets black, Apocalypse’s strongest color.  Cloak & Dagger and 3* Iron Fist are along to help you get black.
  • Cloak & Dagger/Vulture/?: Cloak & Dagger and Vulture are working together to generate AP (C&D passively creates black, which Vulture needs to go airborne; Vulture is generating green, blue, black and red while airborne).  They also do well to get rid of attack tiles (both C&D’s yellow and Vulture’s blue) — additionally if you let Vulture fire his own blue when he goes airborne, it destroys countdown tiles (like Death’s countdowns).  The AP generation by both characters works well to get rid of Famine’s AP threshold tile as well as long as you bring along a third character that makes the team’s strongest color one that Vulture is generating (such as green or blue).


4*/5* Players

  • Phoenix/Cloak & Dagger/Vulture: This team has all the benefits mentioned above of C&D plus Vulture, and adds a powerful, event-boosted 5* with green as the team’s strongest color.  Not only that, if necessary Phoenix can be the target of one of Death’s countdowns and then Rise From the Ashes to be right back in the fight.
  • Old Man Logan/3* Iron Fist/?: Fist creates black for OML; the gathering of that AP gets you to Famine’s AP threshold faster and the extra black on the board makes it easier to match away Death’s countdown tiles.

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