New Characters Incoming

D3 has released extremely sparse character previews for two new characters, a 4* and a 5*.  Here’s what we know for sure…

The 4* character preview is titled “**** Unknown Coming Soon! ****” and looks like this:

Green AP: Steals AP

Red AP: Deals damage and destroys a block of tiles

Yellow AP: Blocks and lessens damage when opponent makes certain matches

The 5* character preview, “***** Unknown (Coming Soon) *****“, looks like this:

Purple AP: Creates Special tiles that replace enemy special tiles and deal damage

Red AP:  Destroy special tiles dealing extra damage and create 2 special tiles.

Black AP:  Gain AP.

With the release of R136 we received a new X-Men themed loading screen:

The September Sneak Peek post has been updated on the D3 forum, showing that the next Story event will be Hearts of Darkness (with required characters of 5* Doc Ock, 4* Mockingbird, 3* Hood, and 2* Storm) but “To Be Determined” for the placement rewards.  (The Upcoming Events page has been updated accordingly.)

We also know that the current PVP season, Power, is shortened and will be ending this weekend.

Here’s what we can speculate:

  • The two new characters will likely be X-Men, based on the loading screen alone.
  • We will likely get an off-season PVP and then MPQ Anniversary Week will likely begin on Thursday, Oct. 5 (the four-year anniversary of the game is actually Oct. 3, and in the past the Anniversary celebration has been around or after that date).

One big question is when will be getting the new characters.  All we know for sure is “soon,” but for past releases the mini-previews show up about a week or more in advance of the actual character announcment.  For example, Yondu’s Character Preview was put up on the D3 forum on 7/31, and he was released into the game on 8/10 — about 10 days prior to release.  That would indicate that the new characters will be coming into the game next week, not this week.  That would also coincide with Anniversary, which has gone hand-in-hand with new character releases in the past as well.

We’ll keep watching the forum and will update if anything new shows up, but for now we expect we will have to wait until next week.

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