Game Updates: Cosmic Legends Store, SCL 9 and Featured 5*s

There’s all sorts of new things going on in Marvel Puzzle Quest this week, with a flurry of announcements on the D3 forums.  Here’s a look at what’s happening…

This morning an in-game announcement revealed that a new Cosmic Legends Store will be running for the next five days, with a 15% chance to get a Thanos (The Mad Titan), Silver Surfer (Sky Rider), or Star-Lord (Awesome Mix Volume 2) cover.  Additionally, the Crash of the Titans battle gives you a Cosmic Legendary token, one also appears in the Taco Vault.  Additional token pulls can be purchase for 25 Command Points.  The announcement on the D3 forums states the store will end on 9/25 at 5:50am EDT.

D3 Community Manager Brigby has also posted the following exciting news:

I’m not aware of any potential future plans for this kind of a store, however what I can confirm is that Customer Support will be applying the Latest Legends cover exchange policy to covers of Thanos (The Mad Titan), Silver Surfer, and Star-Lord (Awesome Mix Volume 2) if they were acquired from the Cosmic Legendary Store. This is a temporary change to policy that will end on 9/25 when the store ends.

For anyone not aware of what Brigby is talking about, D3 Customer Support has a current policy that if you get an usable cover for a 5* in the Latest Legends store, they will swap that cover for one that you need for that 5*.  So if you have a 1/5/5 Silver Surfer and you pull a black cover from the Cosmic Legends store, you just need to contact D3 Customer Support (keep the cover in your rewards queue while you do so) and they will swap that black cover out for a blue one.

In other big news, SHIELD Clearance Level 9 has been announced!  SCL 9 will start being available in Venom Bomb on Thursday.  Here are the details:

  • SCL 9 is available to everyone at S.H.I.E.L.D. Rank 65 or higher
  • Updated Individual Placement Rewards
    • Top placement now receives 2 Latest Legends tokens
    • Top 5 now receives 1 Latest Legends token
    • Top 20 now receives 2 4-Star covers
    • Top 50 now receives 1 4-Star cover

Progression rewards have also been updated for SCL9:

  • 8 more total Command Points than SCL 8
  • 1,300 More Iso-8 than SCL 8

Also, starting with Venom Bomb there will be a 5-Star Required mission — the first required 5* will be Star Lord (Awesome Mix Volume 2).  There is no indication that the 5* character will be getting a buff for the event.  Here are the details:

  • 5-Star Required Mission
    • Only available to SCL 7 and higher
    • Requires a different 5-Star for each event
    • This mission is not considered when calculating progression reward tiers
    • Difficulty behaves like other Story missions
      • Difficulty increases each time the mission is completed (up to 4 times)
      • The amount of points the mission is worth goes down after the 4th completion
      • The mission is worth points the first 6 times it is completed
      • The minimum amount of points this mission is worth is 4 points

In other, not-as-game-changing news, the Power Gem Season Updates have been announced.  No character changes, just the expected characters rotating in status…   Lockjaw (Royal Bulldog) and Elektra (Assassin) will be entering tokens. Lockjaw will be entering Latest status and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) will be transitioning to Vintage status.

Also, the Power Gem Season will be shortened — this happens every year to the PVP season prior to the MPQ Anniversary event.  The Power season will start on September 21st and conclude on October 2nd at 3:00am EDT. The season will have four Versus Tournaments instead of the usual ten.

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