Upcoming Events: New PVP Win Progression Test

Tonight the D3 forums posted a peek at the off-season PVP events, which will be rolled up into a mini, two-event “Infinity Season.”

According to the post, both the two PVP events and the mini Infinity Season will be wins-based for progression.  This means your progression rewards are determined by how many battles you win.  When people attack you and you lose, your progression win count does not change.  Your points still count, but only in placement.

Not a lot of details were provided regarding rewards for the progression points other than that the final season progression prize will be earned at 67 wins.  In the previous wins-based PVP progression test, 40 wins were required to earn the 4-star cover (normally the 900 point progression reward).

The two off-season events will be Nefarious Foes and Best Friends Forever.  The article also states that the “season placement and progression rewards have been scaled to the length of the season itself (two events rather an 10). Events during this Versus Season will reward tokens to the Heroic cover store.”

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