R135 Pre-Release Notes

The D3 forum has posted the pre-release notes for the next update, R135.  The pre-release notes

Rather unusually, there’s no character hint, which might mean that there will be no new character release with this update.

One of the longest running bugs in the game — that Nova’s attack will now take friendly strike tiles into account — is reported to be fixed in this release, which is great news.

Here’s the full list of what will change:

  • Fixed a rare crash issue that involves a character that is downed by matching their Countdown or Trap tile.
  • The Hero Points displayed after purchasing a Hero for Hire store offering will now immediately show the correct amount of Hero Points in all store offerings.
  • Bonus Hero odds will no longer display incorrectly in the Pack Odds screen when no Bonus Heroes are selected.
  • Matching a friendly Fortified Daredevil (Man Without Fear)’s Ambush tile will no longer create two copies of the Trap tile.
  • The Next Level text for Iceman (All-New X-Men)’s power Uncanny Snowman will no longer display both versions of the power at the same time.
  • Nova (Sam Alexander)’s power Rocket Man will now take into account friendly Strike tiles when dealing damage.
  • Yondu (Awesome Mix Volume 2)’s powers will now correctly play sound effects when fired.

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