Upcoming Events: Strange Sights & Buffed Characters

The September Sneak Peek post has been updated on the forums, and the MPQtips.com Upcoming Events page has been updated accordingly.  Here’s a look at the major updates…

The next story event will be Strange Sights, with featured characters of 4* Iron Fist, Colossus and 2* Daken; placement prize characters (and then featured for the next event) will be Sandman, Doctor Octopus, and Steve Rogers.

The next PVP event, following Gamora, will be Magneto, with a green Ghost Rider cover at 900 progression; following that it looks like 3* Captain Marvel will be the next Versus.

The weekly buffed characters have been revealed for the week of 8/31/17 – 9/7/17:

  • 4-Star: Blade (Modern), Gamora (Awesome Mix Volume 2), Mockingbird, War Machine, Vulture
  • 3-Star: Beast, Black Panther (T’Challa), Sam Wilson (Falcon), Kamala Khan, Thor (Modern)
  • 2-Star: Black Widow (Original), Magneto (Marvel NOW!)
  • 1-Star: Hawkeye (Classic), Storm (Modern)

The MPQtips.com Weekly Buffed Characters list has been updated with the 4* and 3* buff lists.

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