R134 Bugs

If you haven’t updated to R134 yet, you may want to hold off.  Players are reporting two bugs, one cosmetic and one fairly significant.

The significant bug that players are reporting is a loading screen appearing before each battle, going from zero to 100%.  The length of loading time appears to be dependent on both your Internet speed and the age of your device.  The screen looks like this:

The official D3 forum thread for the loading screen bug has updated here with a comment from Brigby saying, “The developers are aware of this issue, and they are already investigating the increase number of load screens.”

Update 8/29: Brigby has now updated the R134 release notes on the forum stating the following:

Due to several adjustments that were introduced in R134, players will need to re-download character assets in-game. We apologize for the inconvenience, but rest assured that once assets for each character are re-downloaded, they won’t need to be downloaded again.

This means the loading screen will appear before a battle that includes characters on your team or the enemy team that you have not yet battled in R134; subsequent tries of that battle should result in less loading time.

The second bug appears to be mainly cosmetic.  The new repeater tiles are showing up with what appears to be placeholder text in some cases, or completely blank descriptions in others.  Here’s an example:

The D3 forum thread for the repeater countdown text bug is here.

Update 8/29: Checking in game, a patch released today appears to have fixed this issue.

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