A Closer Look at System Reboot

The new System Reboot event went live last night at the start of the Space Season.  Very little was known about the event prior to its release, so here’s a breakdown of how it works…

The event starts out with two “Join Forces” battles, where you are paired up with a loaner version of the updated character.  Once you finish those two battles, another battle is opened, that’s the start of a chain of ten battles that increase in difficulty (scaled to your roster).  Once the tenth battle is won, two more “Join Forces” nodes are unlocked — on these two nodes the prize for winning is a random cover for the revamped character you are teamed up with.

Once the two team-up battles that reward covers are won, new nodes appear that require the revamped character.  For each of these two battles, the prize is 1000 ISO, but the two battles are not required in order to reach full progression for the event, which is 5000 ISO.

There is 11,000 ISO available in this event, plus 2,000 ISO for completing the required character nodes, for a total of 13,000 ISO.  Since all rewards are battle-earned or based on progression, and the event will be around for 7 days, there’s no rush to finish the event.

Daywalker’s Take: I loved System Reboot, and I really hope it comes back again when characters are updated in the future.  I’ve advocated in the past on the forums for a season-long version of the Gauntlet, running alongside other events, and this is pretty close.  Making the battles scaled to your roster and not locking anyone out — and even giving a free cover that can be used for the required character missions — is brilliant.  Very fun, and very well done.

Showcasing the newly revamped characters reminds me a lot of the team-up battles that used to accompany PVP seasons, where you would be able to play with a loaner version of the latest new character that was released.  I believe they last did that with Silver Surfer’s release, which had him going one-on-three against maxed four-star characters and showed how ridiculously powerful 5*s are compared to 4*s.

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