Upcoming Events: Vision & Sentry PVPs

The D3 Sneak Peek post on the forum has been updated with new events: Vision and Sentry in PVP, and Thick As Thieves in PVE.

The Sentry PVP will be the one right before Yondu’s debut Versus event, Ravenger Clan. ¬†According to the placement rewards for Sentry’s event, the 900 progression for Yondu will be his blue cover.

On the story side of things, Yondu, 3* Daken and 2* Magneto will be the required characters in Thick As Thieves, with placement rewards of 4* Gamora, Sentry, and 2* Black Widow — which means those will be the required/featured characters in the story event following Thick As Thieves.

The MPQTips.com Upcoming Events page has been updated accordingly.

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