R133 Pre-Release Notes

The D3 forums have posted the pre-release notes for next version of MPQ, R133.  This means this update will most likely hit the various app stores this coming Monday or Tuesday.

Here’s a look at the notes…

MPQ 133!

“We work hand in hand”

What’s Changed:

  • Android – The game should no longer crash when first entering a battle.
  • The message Pop-up for Boss Story Missions will no longer appear during the battle, but rather in the Team-Up and Boost Select screen. This message is only displayed the first time a player enters a Boss Battle. It can be viewed at any time by selecting the Info button on the Team-Up and Boost Select screen.
  • Players are no longer redirected to the Heroic Cover store after making a 40x purchase at an event’s Cover Store.
  • A black screen with no text should no longer be seen after the loading screen and right before the player enters the game.
  • An animation now plays when a player purchases a roster slot when the highest level hero they have is Favorited.
  • Players are no longer able to request Team-Up when they are pending to join an Alliance


The next major Marvel TV/movie release is The Defenders series on Netflix, which premieres next Friday, August 18.  Popular speculation is that the clue in this update, “We work hand in hand” is a reference to The Hand, the Defenders’ enemies.  We are also overdue for a 5*, so we expect this to be a 5* version of a member of The Defenders — Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist or Luke Cage, with the first two more likely than the latter two.

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  1. The game should no longer crash when first entering a battle. I’m glad 2 here dat. I’ve lost tons of resources with those crashes.

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