Fixed Enemy Levels Coming to Story Events

Brigby on the D3 forums has announced that beginning with Unstable ISO-8 this coming Sunday, August 6, all story events going forward will have their enemy difficulties tied to the SCL you choose for the event.

This is a follow-up to the test they ran a couple months ago and requested feedback from.  The key changes from the test to this new, permanent scaling are:

  • Enemy levels will now start at the same base level.
  • Placement rewards have been updated for SCL 7 and 8
    • These are primarily ISO-8 increases, along with an extra 4* cover for 1st place in SCL 8
  • The difficulty of Hard, Final, and 4-Star Required missions in SCL 8 has been reduced by as much as 20% in some instances

Below are charts on the starting enemy levels and the levels they max out on for the various SCLs, along with the new SCL placement rewards:

Daywalker’s Take: The biggest change this has on the game is that you no longer have to worry about scaling messing up your experience in playing Story events.  You can feel free to level up your characters to as high of level as you want, without being forced to rely on them in every match because the enemies’ levels won’t be tied to them anymore.

It means that 3* level and under players may no longer be able to just pick the SCL that they qualify for — you will instead want to pick the level that you think you can finish the most battles in (if you’re going for progression) or the fastest (if you’re going for placement).

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