Story Event Rotation

In an effort to track and determine trends in Story (a.k.a. PVE) event runs, a new Google spreadsheet has been created, titled MPQ PVE History.

There are fourteen regular PVE events that have run in the past, four Heroic events, a handful of short “mini” events that run simultaneously with other events, and a few boss events.  The Heroic events used to be roster-restricted versions of four of the Prologue missions, but starting with the run of Oscorp: Heroic in January 2017, they changed to be playable by your entire roster.  This continued for a couple more runs, and then Heroics disappeared from the schedule.

A Heroic event has not been run for four months, with no sign of that changing.  So instead of 17 different events that would cycle through and rotate in when a 3-day event would be needed, the other events have been running more frequently.  The Meet Rocket & Groot event, which has been run five times in 2017, has been run in both a 3-day and a 4-day version.

Here’s a breakdown of what you can see on the spreadsheet…

  • The “PVE Events” tab lists all the Story events that have run in MPQ in 2017.  Shown for each are the date last run, the type of event (Regular, Heroic, Boss, Mini), the number of times the event has run, and the number of times the event has run since Heroics stopped running.
  • The “Regular Events Since No Heroic Events” tab is a view of the PVE Events tab that is focused only on the regular events and how many times they’ve run since Heroics stopped running.
    • You can see that a few events are now entering their third run since Heroics stopped: Deadpool Vs. MPQ, Hearts of Darkness and Meet Rocket & Groot.
    • There are a couple events that have only run one time (Enemy of the State, ISO-8 Brotherhood & Prodigal Sun), but those are 7-day events and are hard to fit into the schedule.
    • Only one regular event has not been run since Heroics went away: The Gauntlet.
  • The “PVE History” tab has a line for each day the events started running this year.  The regular events are color-coded (each time the same event appears it shows in the same color).
Event # Runs Since Heroics Went Away Date Last Run
Deadpool Vs. MPQ 3 7/9/2017
Enemy of the State 1 6/29/2017
Hearts of Darkness 3 6/26/2017
ISO-8 Brotherhood 1 6/8/2017
Meet Rocket & Groot 3 7/30/2017
Prodigal Sun 1 4/20/2017
Simulator 2 7/27/2017
Strange Sights 2 6/19/2017
The Gauntlet 0 2/16/2017
The Hulk 2 7/17/2017
Thick As Thieves 2 6/15/2017
Unstable ISO-8 2 5/29/2017
Venom Bomb 2 7/13/2017
Webbed Wonder 2 8/3/2017


Based on the event history, we are due for Unstable ISO-8 in the near future.  It hasn’t run since May 29, and is a 4-day event; we may actually see it running after Webbed Wonder in the coming week.

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