MPQ R132 On Its Way

This past Friday D3 posted the pre-release notes for the next version of Marvel Puzzle Quest, R132.  These notes are generally posted the week before a new update.  We expect the game update to hit the various app stores either today or tomorrow, based on past history.  Update: R132 is now available via app stores.

Here are the pre-release notes:

MPQ 132!

“Enjoyed getting trolled”

What’s Changed:

  • Characters that have powers that reduce damage to themselves will now correctly reduce damage against powers that have their damage manipulated by board conditions.
  • Improved gameboard performance specifically at the end of each players turn.


The clue for the next character, “Enjoyed getting trolled,” has a very good guess on the forums, with a little animated GIF from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 (which hits digital download platforms on August 8, and Blu-ray & DVD on August 22).  Longtime forumite JHawkInc posted the following:

Perfect time for the home video release. :D

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