PVP Progression Reward Test: Divine Champions

D3 has announced that Divine Champions (beginning Sunday, July 23), the off-season PVP event that will be following the current Vulture event, will be a test of a new reward system.

For this event, progression rewards will be tied to the number of battles you win.  You still earn points for each battle, but the points only count toward placement rewards.  If you lose a battle (either one you initiate or an attack from another player), you will lose points but you will not lose wins.  Meaning everyone’s ability to reach progression rewards is limited only by the number of battles they play.  If you are only going for progression rewards, there will be no need to do it in one long play session, or put up shields to protect your score.

The number of wins required for each progression reward for this first test run is below:

Also notable is that the 15 Command Points that were at the 1200 point mark will now only be available to the Top 10 placement winners.

Daywalker’s Take: As someone who is able to get to 900 points when he wants to but really does not enjoy playing PVP, I’m very intrigued by this test.  I think the number of wins is set way too high but I’m still curious to try this out.

The most frustrating aspect of PVP is trying to reach progression rewards and getting attacked on your way there.  The current system encourages people to play in uninterrupted sessions and regularly spend Hero Points to shield and protect their scores.  This appears to be a distinct departure from that play style, and encourages players to play throughout the entire event time, racking up wins whenever they have time, and not worrying about their points.

This change negatively impacts everyone who is currently a high-level player and regularly getting to 1200 points, but I think it positively benefits thousands more players who would not haven playing in a Versus tournament otherwise.

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