Character Changes: Riri & Mordo

D3 has announced that two characters will be changing at the start of next season (the Mind Gem Season), beginning Thursday, July 27: Riri Williams (Iron Heart) and Mordo (Master of the Mystic Arts).

Here are the details released so far:

Riri Williams (Iron Heart)

Riri Williams’s health has been increased. At level 270, her health has been increased from 10,976 to 15,641.

Magnetic Repulsors – 9 Blue AP
The power now deals damage. 4 enemy special or random basic tiles are moved to the center of the board. The 4 center tiles are then converted to red basic tiles (they are charged at power levels 4 and 5).

Remote Control Gauntlets – 11 Red AP
The power now deals damage to all enemies that are not in front. If there is only one enemy, it deals twice the damage to the enemy.

Selfless Intervention – 8 Green AP
The power deals damage to the target, sending them Airborne (3 turns at power level 5). If there are at least 4 enemy special tiles, Riri is sent Airborne for one turn.

Mordo (Master of the Mystic Arts)

Mordo’s health has been reduced. At level 270, his health has been reduced to 13,995 from 16,465.

Staff of the Living Tribunal – 8 Black AP
Deal damage and convert Black basic tiles to Charged Black tiles (4 at power level 5), or deal damage to the opponent for each Black Charged tile, if there are 4 or more Black charged tiles on the board (counts a maximum of 8 Black Charged tiles).

Vaulting Boots of Valtorr – 10 Blue AP
Deals 18% more damage.

Power with Purpose – 9 Purple AP
Deals damage for each AP in the enemy’s highest AP pool, then destroys AP from that color (5 AP at power level 5)


On the Discord channel, it was revealed that for Mordo at level 270, if an enemy team has 30 AP in a color, he will do 23,000 damage to an enemy.  That about 766 damage per AP.

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